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Solo offers a full line of hot cups, cold cups, souffle portion cups, food containers and much more for the foodservice industry. Solo cup has become synonymous with disposable foodservice products and their cups are perhaps the most well known disposable cups in the world. Solo disposable paper buckets are used in many different functions from storing chicken, popcorn, and even painting with.
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Bistro Poly Lined Paper Hot Cup - 12 oz.
Our Price: $37.31 / CASE of 300
7030 in stock!

SCCOF12BI by Solo Cup
Plastic Clear Lid - 16 Oz.
Our Price: $133.56 / CASE of 500
84 in stock!

SCCLC410N by Solo Cup
Unwrapped Slim Black Straw
Our Price: $82.74 / CASE   
325 in stock!

SCC721KG by Solo Cup
Film Wrapped Translucent Jumbo Soda Straw - 10.25 in.
Our Price: $191.61 / CASE   
8 in stock!

SCC832TX by Solo Cup
OctaView Shallow Plastic Clear Food Container Black - 6 in.
Our Price: $117.64 / Case of 200
1 in stock!

SCC862613-PS94 by Solo Cup
Octaview One Compartment Hinged Lid Plastic Food Container - 9 in.
Our Price: $100.62 / Case of 100
60 in stock!

SCC864037-PM94 by Solo Cup
Medium Micro Black 3 Compartment Dinner Box Hinged Lid Clear - 10 Oz.
Our Price: $128.10 / Case of 100
6 in stock!

SCC919019-PM94 by Solo Cup
Double Paper Poly Paper Scoop Fries - 4 Oz.
Our Price: $157.69 / Case of 1200
18 in stock!

SCCGSP34 by Solo Cup
Plastic Recessed Lid for M-Line Food Containers - Clear
Our Price: $186.25 / CASE   
41 in stock!

SCCLME3 by Solo Cup
Plastic Blue Medical Cup - 5 oz.
Our Price: $61.19 / Case of 1000
34 in stock!

SCCM5B by Solo Cup
Clear M-Line Plastic Food Container - 8 oz.
Our Price: $273.22 / CASE of 1000
231 in stock!

Clear M-Line Plastic Food Container - 8 oz.
SCCMC8SX by Solo Cup
Red Plastic Party Drink Cup - 12-14 oz.
Our Price: $163.69 / CASE   
1 in stock!

Red Plastic Party Drink Cup - 12-14 oz.
SCCPS12R by Solo Cup
Red Plastic Party 3 Compartment Plate - 10.25 in.
Our Price: $320.65 / Case of 500
13 in stock!

SCCPS1CR by Solo Cup
Green Party Plastic Plate - 9 in.
Our Price: $182.64 / Case of 500
6 in stock!

SCCPS95G by Solo Cup
Yellow Party Plastic Plate - 9 in.
Our Price: $181.43 / Case of 500
12 in stock!

SCCPS95Y by Solo Cup
Coca Cola Squat Paper Cup - 12 oz.
Our Price: $110.40 / CASE   
3 in stock!

Coca Cola Squat Paper Cup - 12 oz.
SCCRP2SCB by Solo Cup
Unwrapped Round Stirrer - Brown
Our Price: $113.48 6000/ CASE   
34 in stock!

Unwrapped Round Stirrer - Brown
SCCSR7BG by Solo Cup
Plastic Travel Lid - Black
Our Price: $135.24 / CASE of 1000
64 in stock!

SCCTL31B2 by Solo Cup
Bistro Trophy Foam Cup - 16 oz.
Our Price: $98.90 / Case of 750
7 in stock!

SCCX16NB by Solo Cup
Bistro Trophy Foam Cup - 20 oz.
Our Price: $126.77 / Case of 750
10 in stock!

SCCX20NB by Solo Cup
Octaview Deep Plastic Hinged Lid Container Tear Lid Black - 7.5 in.
Our Price: $74.63 / Case of 100
40 in stock!

Solo Cup
Black Shallow Plastic Hinged Lid Container Tear Lid - 7.91 in. x 7.91 in. x 1.81 in.
Our Price: $77.48 / Case of 100
15 in stock!

SCC878611-PS94 by Solo Cup
Expressions Plastic Square Dome Lid Clear - 7.5 in.
Our Price: $79.46 / Case of 300
177 in stock!

SCC973017-AP90 by Solo Cup
Translucent Plastic Galaxy Cold Cup - 7 oz.
Our Price: $29.61 / CASE of 750
1520 in stock!

SCCOFY7PK-0100 by Solo Cup
4 Oz. Paper Cone Rolled Rim Cups White
Our Price: $70.59 / Case of 5000
2880 in stock!

SCC4BR by Solo Cup
Solo Foodservices mission is to provide well-engineered, high-performance foodservice products for every operation and application. Solo carries a newly expanded Trophy line of food containers constructed from the same special thin wall foam as Trophy cups. The versatile Trophy line does it all, by keeping hot things hot and cold things cold! Trophy containers and cups are available in a wide range of sizes and in attractive prints to meet a variety of foodservice applications. Solo Cup Company is proud to be known for premium hot cups and lids and, with the addition of many popular Sweetheart products, Solo now offer an expanded line of paper hot cups and lids. Choose specialty coffee designs like Bistro, Mistique, and Java Wave, or the insulated Trophy hot/cold cup. Cold Cups, Lids & Straws
Our cup lines include sizes, shapes, materials, lids, and straws for every application. From the UltraClear PET cup, to paper cold cups, to our insulated hot/cold Trophy line,Solo has your foodservice needs covered. Solo souffle portion cups and lids enjoy a well-earned reputation as the best in the business and are available in crystal-clear PET or sturdy polystyrene. Operators can also choose Solo single-poly paper portion cups or Sweetheart portion cups in paper or plastic. Solo offers a full line of plastic, paper, and foam dinnerware with lids including various stock prints for matched table service. An attractive, durable option for many operators, the popular Silent Service line of foam dinnerware features dual-ply, cut-resistant construction and a double-laminated finish. The Highlights line of plastic bowls and lids is a centerpiece of Solo plastic and paper food containers. Solo offer containers for every application from hot soups to chilled desserts. Solo offers cutlery in the sizes, colors, weights, and materials operators need to serve everything from soup to steak at your foodservice restaurant. The Guildware brand adds a full-size, premium-quality offering to the line. Solo helps operators set tables that set the stage with disposable specialty tabletop products in a range of looks, colors, and themes. The Sweetheart brand of the renowned Solo Company produces cost-effective disposable products including foam plates, paper and foam cups, paper portion cups, dinnerware, spoons, forks, knives and food buckets. Sweetheart cups are available in the small, medium or large sizes, for hot or cold beverages, printed, unprinted or in the colorful jazz design. Multiple lids are offered as well. Portion paper cups are a sweetheart of a deal. Solo has many sizes of souffle cups to choose from. The cups are made with pleated heavy duty paper to hold up to any sauce and come in a variety of sizes. Sweetheart also produces Food Service Buckets for popcorn, chicken and multiple uses. Choose from waxed or unwaxed. All buckets are double wrapped for durability and strength. Also used in concrete construction and for painting.