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2XL Corporation

Gym wipes from 2XL have revolutionized the health club scene. These gym wipes are specially formulated to disinfect and clean quickly to keep the workout equipment clean and sanitary. The gym is a great place to get in shape and reclaim your health. Over forty two million Americans are members of a gym and work towards a healthier life on a regular basis. But in some ways, they're actually exposing themselves to some potential health dangers as well. Gym germs are a growing concern that recent studies are just now starting to shed light on. As a result, it's important to take precautions. Many gyms are utilizing sanitary products from 2XL Corporation to help ensure that their members are safe and protected from the constantly increasing threat of germs in the gym.
2XL Corporation is the inventor of Gym Wipes, Care Wipes and Stage 2 Gel. 2XL is a leading manufacturer of smart, cost-effective products for fitness, healthcare, foodservice, education, manufacturing, other workplace environments. 2XL Corporation provides a number of different products to choose from, but the flagship is probably the Gymwipes Antibacterial Bucket.  While wall dispensers are also available, just the bucket itself is all you need to ensure that your gym is as sanitary as possible.  The bucket is filled with easy dispensing antibacterial wet wipes.  Just pull one out and wipe down the gym surface you're about to use to eliminate germs completely.  Each wet wipe is coated with an antibacterial product that kills germs quickly and leaves a clean, pleasantly smelling surface.  Buckets normally come with seven hundred wipes in them.