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3M Floor Safety and Matting Products

Everyone knows 3M Floor Safety and Matting Products are the best for commercial buildings. They have improved over the years the workers safety, maximizing productivity and providing supreme finished results. 3M floor mats keep the dirt from entering your establishment. For those seeking the ultimate slip resistance material, the safety-Walk General Purpose Tread is completed with an application of Anti-Slip. It is designed for light to heavy traffic areas. It has pressure-sensitive adhesive and is covered by a removable protective liner. These safety treads are easy to apply, clean and comfortable. It is a heavy duty floor product. This product is perfectly designed for smooth and flat surfaces. The 3M treads are available in different sizes and colours. This product is best fitted at locker rooms and athletic equipment, boats and docks, interior stairwells, entryways, lobbies, ramps, entrances, ladders, snowmobiles, scooters, construction machinery and vehicles.
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Are you all the time thinking of a good catcher for dirt and water, 3M is always beside you and offers you itís awesome product Nomad Heavy Traffic Carpet Mat. It has a Dual-fiber construction for exceptional dirt and water removal; fibers resist staining and fading mats look new longer. Fibers scrape off loose dirt not removed by outdoor scraper matting while the tough, looped nylon fibers wick away water. Pattern designs hide unsightly soil on the floor between cleanings. Vacuum or use extraction methods to clean the mats. Available in different sizes, colours. Can be used outdoors at Houses, Restaurants and in everyplace in order to keep the place inside clean and to not have dirt entering your place.

3M Nomad Scraper Mat 6050 Dove meets the latest technology developments in floor products. Important features are outstanding performance, long life, having coiled vinyl loop surface scrapes dirt, sand and snow from foot wear. The nomad scraper minimizes tracking debris into building and moisture within the loops. Use indoors at building entrances or in walkways and hallways. Moreover, foam backing reduces noise and creeping and holds moisture and dirt off. From now on, donít be tired from cleaning, this product is easy-to-clean; just hose or shake clean. This mat is designed for medium traffic applications up to 400,000 people per year.