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3M Hard Floor Maintenance

The whole world waits for the best brand industrial 3M Hard Floor Maintenance products for commercial supply. Nothing beats 3M variety and performance used in cleaning, stripping, and buffing floors. Floor pads and brushes are specifically designed for a variety of powered machines. 3M floor pads are manufactured to provide consistent performance and assure high-quality, reproducible results. Recent modifications have been made to the manufacturing process of the pads that improves their consistency, quality and performance. One of the successful items of 3m is the Doodleduster Pad which is ideal for dusting floors before and after burnishing, or prior to recoating. Doodleduster Cloth is characterized by being natural, microfiber disposable cloth leaves no slippery, sticky remains and light weight holder. This unique microfiber allows it to trap and hold dust and dirt inside the cloth. Low profile enhances maneuverability, fitting clips for easy cloth attachment and removal. Can be used in houses and hotels. A continuous improvement process has made it possible for 3M Floor Pads to deliver an even more consistent product than ever before by improving thickness control and increasing non-woven web consistency. These pads are designed for maintenance tasks like stripping, scrubbing and cleaning. We ship hundreds of Ultra High Speed Tan Burnishing Floor Pads, which are designed for black heel mark removal and burnishing harder finishes, natural hair and synthetic fiber for scratch and scuff remover on heavy-traffic foodservice floors. This floor care line provides long-lasting performance for burnishing, buffing, cleaning, spray cleaning, scrubbing and stripping. Also, the Aqua Burnish Floor Pad with its different sizes, which produces a brilliant gloss. This product is a floor maintenance buffing pad for use on ultra high speed floor machines that operate at 1500-3000 rpm.
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Eraser Burnish Floor Pads 20 inch
Our Price: $45.82 / Case of 5
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Eraser Burnish Floor Pad - 20 inch MCO25858 by 3M
Want something to fit you, fit the job and fit your budget; here are the 3M Easy Clean Systems. One of its products which has unique floor and surface dusting material that captures and hold dust and dirt is the Easy 2 Holder Duster. This product traps and holds six times more dust, dirt, hair and sand than customary mops and other disposable dusting systems; itís the more efficient way to dust. Ideal on most horizontal surfaces, use both sides of the duster without touching it. Moreover, a single duster inventory for all holder sides. It has the features of being light weight, attached easy to duster, available in various sizes.

Our 3M Floor Pads for Scrubbing are a wonderful line of products which contain thousands of Blue Cleaner Floor Pads in various sizes. They can be used for heavy duty spray cleaning or foam scrubbing. Also, used to prepare the top layer of finish for floor finish applications. They remove dirt, spills and scuffs, leaving a clean surface ready for re-coating.

As a global market leader in floor pads, 3M has committed to continue and improves it position. Although they appear subtle, these product improvements further establish 3M as the top-performing product in the marketplace.