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Admiral Bakeware

Admiral Craft manufactures and distributes a wide variety of smallwares to the food service industry. They specialize in stainless steel and aluminum food service equipment. We offer you an amazing, easy and convenient Stainless Steel Cake Stand that requires no assembly, allow you to easily decorate cakes without having to constantly move it around yourself due to its simple accessibility that lifts the lid to gain access to the products inside. This stand is for serving sweetness with style on a wonderful stand that suits all occasions. Catching your customers attention is one of the tricks which we want you to have so as to attract more customers, thatís why this cake stand has an eye-catching construction that gives desserts better visibility and desirability. This stainless steel cake stand can easily serve your pizza or display your desserts awesome as well as easy to clean due to being durable and heavy duty constructed and of strong stainless steel. For preserving the food for long period we recommend you to use our Acrylic Cake Cover, which are clear covers that display desserts and pastries. Dishwasher-safe acrylic is sanitary and helps keep foods fresher longer. Pedestals create height and maximum visibility to foods displayed and are a great bakery supply product.
If you make more than 12 cupcakes or muffins at a time our Aluminum Muffin Pan would be a perfect addition to your kitchen. It cuts your cooking and preparation time in half and lets you actually enjoy your final creation rather than waiting for the pan to cool off for another batch. If you are shopping for a wedding or shower present this would only be practical if the person does a lot of baking or plans on having a large family.

Aluminum Muffin Pans from Admiral Craft have feature standard capacities of 24 cup size, along with its heavy-duty aluminum muffin pans that have seamless 24-cups locked into a heavy aluminum frame. The cup rims are slightly raised to help contain batter and reduce drips that often burn and stick. Around the cups, the frame offers heavyweight construction so the pan won't flex or warp and has enough grasping room around the edges for safe transportation from the oven to the cooling rack. Cleaning and maintenance is easy due to the smooth aluminum surface of these aluminum muffin pans. The aluminum material makes them durable and provides years of reliable, efficient, and quality service allowing them to stand up to the rigors of the most demanding baking requirements. A fun way to scale down baked goods into bite-sized indulgences, this pan is a useful alternative to a sheet pan or cookie sheet. It comes with a delicious recipe to get any home baker started. Admiral Bakeware will supply your selected aluminum muffin pans within a few days upon placing your order.
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