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Admiral Craft Kitchen Utensils

Admiral Craft has been a leading manufacturer of food service utensils and smallwares to the gourmet cook and food service industry for 50 years. Their aluminum and stainless steel utensils have become well known in kitchens for their durability and quality. Stainless Steel utensils won’t stain and are durable. Professional cooks use Admiral Craft kitchen utensils for many tasks in their kitchen including pie servers, basting spoons, mixing spoons, tongs and scoops. Standard Weight Salad Tongs and Stainless Steel Utility Tongs are one piece design that have no springs to break. These tongs grip surfaces are cupped for a firm grasp on salad greens and other hard to hold items.
Deluxe One Piece Ladles from Admiral Craft are great for cooking and serving liquids. Although designs vary, a typical ladle has a long handle terminating in a deep bowl, frequently with the bowl oriented at an angle to the handle to facilitate lifting liquid out of a pot or other vessel and conveying it to a bowl. You can easily serve the most delicious soups or other liquids easily and skillfully.
The adcraft high quality fruit and vegetable peeler stays sharp and is great for peeling apple, potato, radish or other fruits and vegetables. This Stainless Vegetable Peeler is perfect for left and right handed cooks.