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Amrep Air Freshening Metered Dispensers and Refills

All of your senses will impact your opinion about a place, especially restaurants. One of the worst things you can do is ignore lingering foul odors, whether it's near your garbage bins in the kitchen, outside in the dining room, or even in the bathroom. And nobody wants to watch someone wandering around any business with an aerosol can spraying away at those noxious smells. That's why metered dispensers are so great. Using them along with Amrep metered dispenser refills will make it easy to maintain the smell of freshness without having to worry with constant spray or other maintenance.
Amrep metered dispenser refills are used in metered dispensers that are wall mounted units. They look like unobtrusive boxes, and that's really what they are. Inside each box is one of the refill bottles of air freshener. At regular timed intervals the dispenser will release a short blast of the air freshener into the air. It's that easy - just mount the dispensers, make sure they have a canister with air freshener inside, and relax. An LED display will let you know when you need to replace the canister with a new one. They'll last a long time and provide exactly what you need to keep any room smelling its best.

Amrep metered air freshening dispenser refills are essentially metered versions of the aerosol sprays from the same company, only these are far more concentrated. They can actually treat up to six thousand square feet of space and since the dispenser itself can be set for different periods of time between sprays, there's no way for a room to smell anything less than amazing. There are plenty of different fragrances to choose from, as well, including Spring Rain, Harvest Fruit, Lemon Peel, Holiday Potpourri, and more. And by buying in bulk you'll save plenty of money on your refills.

One thing to pay careful attention to when ordering Amrep metered dispenser refills is that you know the size you need. There are seven to twelve ounce sizes, and you need to be sure that the one you purchase will actually work in your metered dispenser. It's a small issue, and one that most people don't think about which can actually cause a bit of frustration. But if you'll note the size you're buying and the fragrance, you'll get to enjoy rooms that smell as crisp and fresh as possible without constantly battling with bad odors.