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Anchor Hocking Barware

Whether you're setting up a top of the line home bar or are a bar owner who is looking to make sure that everything is perfect, it's easy to focus so intently on the alcohol and mixers that you overlook that most basic need - barware. Using the right glasses for the right drinks is important for getting the most enjoyment from a drink, and your customers or guests will expect to be served beverages properly.
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Mixing Glass - 16 oz.
Our Price: $37.89 / Case of 24

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Shot Whiskey Glass 2 oz. with 1 oz. Line
Our Price: $113.93 / Case of 48

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Whiskey is an American drink, and even the nation's oldest cocktails rely on it. Drinks like the Sazarac, Old Fashioned or just a Bourbon on the Rocks call for a good glass. The New Orleans Rocks Glass from Anchor Hocking Barware is a perfect choice for whiskey drinks like this. Toss a few ice chunks in and make the perfect drink. And of course, a Whiskey Glass Shooter or 1.5 ounce Whiskey Glass are the perfect choices for those looking to knock back a few shots. Those from Anchor Hocking are stylish, durable, and affordable.

Great beer deserves a great glass as well, and the Rim Tempered Bavarian Pilsner glass is the right call if you're pouring pilsners or even American style lagers. And the Rim Tempered Mixing Glass can pull double duty, providing a great glass to mix up drinks like a Pim's Cup or for pouring a great ale into, much like a standard pint glass. Beer's making a big comeback in the country today so be sure that you have the right kind of glasses from Anchor Hocking Barware at the ready whenever thirsty visitors slide up to your bar.

Of course, no discussion of Anchor Hocking Barware would be complete without mentioning wine glasses. There are a few different styles and designs available, from the Excellency to the Tall Excellency. Be sure you have a glass suitable for red as well as white wine on hand and that your bartenders know which one is used for what. A great bar is about more than just liquor - the presentation needs to be correct as well. Be sure you've got the right glasses and barware on hand so that your patrons will get just the drink they're looking for when they place an order.

Anchor Hocking Glassware covers all aspects of the bar field and provides you with all the barware you could need including shot glasses, wine glasses and mixing glasses.