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Disposable paper bake cups are used throughout the baking industry to cook cupcakes, pastries and mini treats. Our wholesale baking cups are priced to sell and come in bulk cases. If your kitchen serves up cupcakes or muffins, baking cups should be a staple in your inventory. Single-serving baked goods like these are an ideal choice for buffets, welcome baskets, continental breakfasts, party treats, and special occasions.
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Fluted Bake Cups 4.5 inch White 53-44003 - Case
Our Price: $65.40 / CASE of 10,000   
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HFM610032 by Hoffmaster more info
If you're looking to add something enticing to your business or restaurant, add a basket of complimentary muffins and just watch the reaction. While these delicious baked goods can be served bare, there are several important purposes that a baking cup serves. If you've taken this simple pleated paper for granted, consider some of the wonderful benefits that the simple baking cup has to offer. One of the greatest benefits of baking cups is their unique ability to hold in moisture. While you may not give much thought to the work that this little paper cup is doing, it's actually making a very noticeable difference in the quality of your finished product. If you plan to consume your muffins immediately, you may not notice the difference with a cup. There's a good reason that store-bought baked goods come in these cups, though. The paper acts as a tiny and very tightly wrapped covering to keep moisture from escaping. This in turn creates soft, moist muffins. Wholesale Baking Cups save you time and effort over metal baking cups.