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Bar Maid Corporation

Bar Maid Corporations goal over the past 45 years has been to make innovative, reliable and durable products for Restaurants and Bars. Our primary product line is the Worlds leading Electric Brush Glass Washer sold in many countries around the globe. Bar Maid Portable Electric Glass Washers are small, portable machines designed to fit in almost any bar sink. Both the Submersible and Upright models install in seconds with no special plumbing or electrical hook ups and may be configured with a variety of easily interchangeable brushes to clean virtually all types of glassware and many other commercial and industrial applications.
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Smoke Pourer Cover
Our Price: $8.97 / Case of 12

Fits most standard plastic pourers.
300SC by Bar Maid Corporation
Pourer Medium Clear With Screen
Our Price: $14.03 / Case of 12

Screen provides extra protection from debris, pulp, and bugs.
205SC by Bar Maid Corporation
Glass Brush Slotted - 6 in.
Our Price: $19.09 / Each

BRS-917SL by Bar Maid Corporation
Glass Brush Slotted - 7 1/2 in.
Our Price: $20.88 / Each

BRS-922SL by Bar Maid Corporation
Small Washer Big Benefits.

Crystal clear glasses with no film or spots when used with correct chemicals.
Completely portable sets up in seconds with no special plumbing or electrical.
Submersible SS helps warm the water.
Reduces glass handling and breakage by keeping glasses at the bar.
Inexpensive to buy and built to stay that way virtually no maintenance.
Fully approved for safety by ETL. Also approved to NSF Standards, National Sanitation Foundation in North America.
No special installation requirements, fully portable.
An excellent complement or replacement for existing glass washing systems.
Extremely economical to buy, operate and own saves water as well. Five spinning brushes simultaneously scrub inside and out easily removing all soils including lipstick and fruit pulp. Inexpensive to buy and built to stay that way, the Bar Maid system may be used as a pre wash before cabinet washing to ensure optimum cleanliness or as a stand alone cleaning system. As a pre wash system, the Washers ensure that any film build-ups, lipsticks or other tough stains are removed prior to loading in a glass washer cabinet or dish machine. As a stand-alone system using two or three sinks, the machine is used with a low suds detergent in the first sink, a rinse in the second and sanitizer in the third or rinse and sanitizer in the second.