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Bathtub Safety

Food Service Fire Sale cares about the safety of your business and guests. Safety-Walk Tub and Shower Safety Strips from 3M are an excellent product to prevent slips and falls in your hotel showers and bathtubs.
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Large White (RCP7041-04WHI) Safti-Grip Bathmat
Large White Safti-Grip Bathmat
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RCP7041-04WHI by Rubbermaid Commercial more info
Due to its fine-textured and slip-resistant material, it increases safety and comfort in light traffic barefoot areas. These safety strips have white vinyl adhesive strips which prevent painful and costly slipping accidents. These Strips are designed to be long lasting, have slip resistance material, and are easily replaceable. They are used in Showers, Health Clubs, YMCA and more to prevent costly slipping accidents. We also carry Safti-Grip Bathmats which are made of thick rubber that is durable and has long lasting color. They are perfect for the use in a shower stall or bathtub to prevent slipping and accidents. The white vinyl with suction-back to stay firmly in place, latex free, plus textured surface for superb anti- slipping. Its Antibacterial feature prolongs the mat life by inhibiting growth of bacteria and mold. These safety mats are easy to clean, and machine washable. They are the perfect choice to keep place with the modern lifestyle. These bath mats are available in Large White, Medium off-White, Large Brown Stone and Medium White. Food Service Fire Sale has a variety of Bathtub Safety products with various sizes to fulfill all your needs. Perhaps you are looking for a specialty bathmat or a particular size. Food Service Fire Sale provides you with huge selection of fine safety products so as to assure that you get what you need.