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Bostitch Industrial Tools

If you're squeezing the trigger on a staple gun, you're moving too slowly; Bostitch Powercrown Hammer Tackers does the Job. It is durable for heavy-duty industrial use, rear loading magazine. It is characterized of having non-skid rubber pads, strong Bostitch branding and ergonomic rubber grip. Itís well-designed for the rapid-fire, hard-hitting action that hammer tackers get. Whether you're tacking down carpet pads, hanging faced fiberglass batts, felting a roof, wrapping a house, applying fan-fold siding backer, even clipping the paper or foam flanges of insulation products inside the house, or posting "Keep Out" signs, you'd be lost without these fast staple-driving tools. We also ship hundreds of Powercrown Heavy-Duty Stapling Pliers from Bostitch that are designed for heavy duty commercial activities due to its sturdy construction. They staple up to 50% more documents at one time than with standard staplers. It has anti-jam stapling channel and powerful lever. They have strong penetrating power with little effort. This Powercrown Heavy-Duty Stapling Pliersí Case is of hardened steel components for extreme durability. Besides, quick-load magazine, bearing system allows an easy squeeze action across entire operating sequence creating a quicker, tighter clinch with less strain. Moreover, coated top-load magazine permits faster, smoother staple loading. It can be used in box closing, header cards to plastic bags, corrugated assembly, dry cleaning, plastic, paper and canvas.
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Impulse Black 25 Electric Stapler
Our Price: $80.44 / Each   
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Assorted Zip Case Tool Kit Black
Our Price: $38.99 / Each   
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Assorted Zip Case Tool Kit Black BST92-680 by Bostitch more info
Quick-Change Gray Utility Knife with Retractable Blade and Twine Cutter
Our Price: $52.64 / Box of 6   
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Quick-Change Gray Utility Knife with Retractable Blade and Twine Cutter BOS10499BX by Stanley Bostitch more info
One of the most excellent trackers from Bostitch is the Heavy-Duty Powercrown Tracker. It has an easy squeeze and jam free design. All is constructed in steel so as to be heavy duty and sturdy. It is equipped with an integrated pusher spring so no loose parts can occur. The trackers ergonomic design for comfort grip is nice and it is designed for extra durability due to the presence of the double wall nose plate. Can be used in moisture wraps, mesh insulation, carpet padding, plastic sheeting, carpet and upholstery.

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