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Bounty Paper Towels

Bounty paper kitchen roll towels are known for their quality, softness, and absorption capabilities in kitchens and restaurants throughout America. The old commercials where bounty roll towels pick up twice as much liquid as the competing brands helped launch bounty into the dominant position of market share in the paper roll towel market. Bounty is perfect for commercial restaurant kitchens, daycares, nursing homes and more.
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Bounty Roll Towel 2 Ply White - 11 in. x 11 in.
Our Price: $17.48 / Case of 8
1875 in stock!

PGC84890 by Procter and Gamble
Bounty Perfect Kitchen Roll Towel 2 Ply White - 11 in. x 11 in.
Our Price: $46.06 / Case of 24
1023 in stock!

PGC84877 by Procter and Gamble
Bounty Everyday White Napkin
Our Price: $43.36 / CASE of 1000
1076 in stock!

PGC34884 by Procter and Gamble
Bounty White Regular Paper Towel 2 Ply 70 Sheets
Our Price: $12.95 / Case
360 in stock!

PGC88187 by Procter and Gamble
Bounty Paper Napkin White Prints
Our Price: $49.99 / Case of 12
658 in stock!

PGC34885 by Procter and Gamble
White Bounty Roll Towel 2ply
Our Price: $26.41 / Case of 12 Rolls
1 in stock!

PGC88212 by Procter and Gamble
Bounty Perfected Basic Kitchen Roll Towel 1 Ply White - 11 in. x 11 in.
Our Price: $35.82 / Case of 12
318 in stock!

PGC84662 by Procter and Gamble
Bounty Perfect Roll Towel 1 Ply White
Our Price: $15.74 / Case of 12
213 in stock!

PGC84684 by Procter and Gamble
Bounty Regular Paper Towel White 2 Ply 44 Sheets
Our Price: $54.37 / Case
793 in stock!

PGC88275 by Procter and Gamble
Bounty Basic White 2 ply Kitchen Roll Towel - 11 in. x 9 in.
Our Price: $14.55 / Case of 12 Rolls
795 in stock!

PGC84683 by Procter and Gamble
Bounty Sas Roll Towel 2ply White
Our Price: $18.06 / Case
1776 in stock!

PGC88211 by Procter and Gamble
Bounty Basic Perforated Roll Towel 1 Ply White - 10.4 in. X 11 in.
Our Price: $15.57 / Case of 576
114 in stock!

PGC84697 by Procter and Gamble
Buy wholesale bounty kitchen roll towels for your foodservice kitchens. Bounty paper towels are preferred nearly 3 to 1 over other kitchen roll towels because of its softness, hand-drying and wiping powers, and absorption ability. Bounty hands down absorbs much more than the competition. Of course, I donít have to introduce Bounty Paper Towels to you. Proctor and Gambleís massive advertising campaigns have already done that. Bounty Paper Towels are thick, soft, and very absorbent. They pick up more liquids than all competitors. But what you probably donít know is the general history of paper towels. A mistake started the development of paper towels. A shipment of paper had been sent to a paper manufacturer that was too thick for the intended purpose of toilet tissue. So the manufacturer made the shipment into disposable towels, he called Sani towels, and sold to businesses. Later, in 1931, this product was developed into a grocery item for households. However, it took a lot of marketing, and the right packaging, and right size to convince the American housewife to switch from linen towels to disposable paper towels. It didnít take off for the consumer until the 1960ís. Today paper towels are a staple of American households.Order your Bounty Paper Towels in bulk to save money.