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Bread Knives

Easily cut loafs of bread in your foodservice kitchen for your guests appetizers. Garlic bread is a dining favorite as is cheese bread. Bread knives have a serrated edge to cut through bread effortlessly. The Serrated Bread Knife is perfect for breaking through harder crusts without crushing the tender middle inside. They make scalloped edge cuts and peel fruit without squashing the tender middle.
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Bread Knife - 7.5 in.
Our Price: $22.60 / Each

Bread Knife 7.5 inch by Swiss Army Brands to cut fresh crusty bread. more info
Wavy Edge Bread Knife - 8 in.
Our Price: $26.78 / Each

Wavy Edge Bread Knife 8 in. by Swiss Army Brands cuts your fresh bread without crushing it. more info
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