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Breakroom First Aid Kits and Aspirin

Any company should have a first aid kit on the premises. Many companies put them in public areas like breakrooms where the employees eat lunch. You can buy wholesale first aid kits that have all the basic necessities. You should probably stock up on aspirin as well since employees get headaches often.
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Weatherproof Plastic Basix First Aid Kit
Our Price: $13.52 / Each
1271 in stock!

ACE6060 Acme United
Bayer Aspirin First Aid Refill
Bayer Aspirin First Aid Refill 2 per pack 50 packs per box
Our Price: $24.59 /BOX
688 in stock!

ACE12408 by Acme United
PhysiciansCare First Aid Kit For 25 People
Our Price: $39.00 / Each
127 in stock!

ACE60002 by Acme United
Weatherproof Plastic Industrial First Aid Kits
Our Price: $20.81 / Each
371 in stock!

ACE6430 Acme United
Standard Industrial 3 Shelf First Aid Station
Our Price: $116.21 / Kit
177 in stock!

ACE6155 by Acme United
10 Person Plastic First Aid Kit with Eye Wash
Our Price: $17.30 / Each
163 in stock!

ACE6410 by Acme United
25 Person Bulk Plastic First Aid Kit
Our Price: $22.96 / Each
18 in stock!

NSP0197020002L by North Safety
Breakroom First Aid kits are recommended for any company with employees.