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Brute Containers and Lids

When you need heavy duty containers to get the job done right, you are going to want to use Brute containers by Rubbermaid. These containers allow you to get everything that you need in trash, storage and more with the durability that you need in any situation. You can choose from a variety of trash cans, lids, caddy bags, and many other products that your business needs to get the job done.
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Yellow Brute Container without Lid with USDA Condemned - 32 Gal.
Our Price: $34.38 / EACH
6 in stock!

RCP2632-46YEL by Rubbermaid Commercial more info
Gator Brute Container - 55 Gal. GRAY
Our Price: $64.15 / EACH   
2 in stock!

IMP7755-3 by Impact Products more info
RCP 2610 GRA
Brute 10 Gallon Container without Lid Gray
Our Price: $19.44 / EACH
3706 in stock!

RCP2610GRA by Rubbermaid more info
Red Dome Brute Lid for Brute 2632 Containers
Our Price: $82.37 / EACH
8 in stock!

RCP 2637-88 RED by Rubbermaid Commercial more info
Brute Round Bucket - Red - 10 Quart
Our Price: $11.94 / EACH
1850 in stock!

RCP2963RED more info
Brute 10 Gallon (RCP2610WHI) Container Without Lid White
Brute 10 Gallon Container Without Lid White
Our Price: $20.48 / EACH
2074 in stock!

RCP2610WHI by Rubbermaid Commercial more info
Brute 20 Gallon Tote With Lid
Our Price: $32.04 /EACH
16 in stock!

RCP9S31GRA by Rubbermaid more info
Brute Gray 10 Gallon Trash Can Lid Fits 2610 Container
Our Price: $7.53 / EACH
2085 in stock!

RCP2609GRA by Rubbermaid more info
Lid for 2632, 2634 Containers - Yellow
Our Price: $13.26 / EACH
1203 in stock!

RCP2631YEL by Rubbermaid more info
RCP 2609 WHI
Lid for 2610 Container - White
Our Price: $7.94 / EACH
2883 in stock!

RCP2609WHI by Rubbermaid more info
Blue Brute Utility Container - 44 Gallon
Our Price: $63.09 / EACH
1762 in stock!

RCP2643-60BLU by Rubbermaid more info
Brute Lid Round Blue Recycling Top - 32 Gallon
Our Price: $15.90 / Each   
1698 in stock!

Brute Lid Round Blue Recycling Top - 32 Gallon
RCP1788376 by Rubbermaid
more info
RCP 2631 WHI
White Round Brute Container Lid - 32 Gallon
Our Price: $13.26 / EACH
1116 in stock!

RCP2631WHI by Rubbermaid more info
RCP 2631 RED
Lid for 2632, 2634 Containers - Red
Our Price: $13.26 / EACH
716 in stock!

RCP2631RED by Rubbermaid more info
RCP 3530
Square Brute Dolly for Square Brute Containers - Black
Our Price: $73.70 / Each
292 in stock!

RCP3530 by Rubbermaid more info
Yellow Lid For Brute Container
Our Price: $8.99 / LID
1059 in stock!

RCP2619-60YEL by Rubbermaid Commercial more info
Brute Container Without Lid - Dark Green
Our Price: $40.82 / EACH
1125 in stock!

RCP2632DGR by Rubbermaid Commercial more info
Red 44 Gal Vented Brute Lid
Our Price: $21.72 / LID
767 in stock!

RCP2645-60RED by Rubbermaid Commercial more info
Brute Yellow Round Lid
Our Price: $21.72 / LID
182 in stock!

RCP2645-60YEL by Rubbermaid Commercial more info
Glutton Hooded Top without doors, fits 256B - Brown
Our Price: $193.92 / EACH
646 in stock!

RCP256VBRO by Rubbermaid more info
Brute Gray Square Container Lid - 28 Gal.
Our Price: $15.20 / EACH
364 in stock!

RCP3527GRA by Rubbermaid Commercial more info
Brute Ice Only Ice Container - 10 GAL
Our Price: $24.91 /EACH
300 in stock!

RCP9F86WHI by Rubbermaid more info
Black Mega Brute Mobile Waste Collector
Our Price: $531.52 /Each
7 in stock!

RCP9W73BLA by Rubbermaid Commercial more info
Receptacle Huskee Grey - 32 Gal.
Our Price: $36.61 / Each   

Receptacle Huskee Grey - 32 Gal. by Continental Mfg Company more info
Dolly Huskee
Our Price: $37.31 / Each   

Dolly Huskee by Continental Mfg Company more info
Whether you need heavy duty cleaning supplies for your cleaning business or just rough and rugged trash cans for your restaurant, Brute containers have something for just about everyone.
You can find Brute dollies, dome tops, or any other types of container accessories that are right for you. Your business needs to get things done, and with this line of containers, you can do exactly that. Donít limit yourself by settling for less than the best, because FoodServiceFireSale offers you the high quality products for waste storage that you need at prices that anyone can afford. Take the time to check out our great products today and see if you canít find exactly what garbage containers you need. From trash cans and dollies to cleaning supplies and more, the Rubbermaid Brute line of containers has plenty to offer. Thanks for browsing our selection of Rubbermaid Brute products. We hope that you found everything that you needed to keep your business organized and operating efficiently. The goal of FoodServiceFireSale is to get your business the products and supplies that it needs at prices that you can afford, and we hope that weíve accomplished that today. It doesnít matter whether you work in a restaurant, a school, a cleaning business, or any other type of organization or business because our products are designed for everyone.

Add to that the amazing service and support that youíll get from our staff, and youíve got a winning combination. For all of your Brute container needs and other business supply needs, FoodServiceFireSale is your one-stop shop. Please donít hesitate to contact us at anytime with questions, concerns, or just to get more information or place a special order over the phone. Our knowledgeable and professional sales and support staff is always standing by, ready to help whenever needed. Thanks again for your business, and we look forward to serving you again in the future at FoodServiceFireSale.