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Cake Circles for your Bakery

We have a full selection of disposable cake circles for you to choose from for your bakery needs. Cake circles are important in building the perfect cake and making sure that it is delivered or picked up in the condition that it was created in. Many bakeries and foodservice restaurants rely on wholesale cake circles to make sure that their cakes turn out professional every single time. We stock 8, 12, and 14 inch cake circles.
Cake Circles are useful in baking pies and cakes in your foodservice establishment. Anyone who is in the commercial baking business, or the cake decorating business, knows what happens when you use regular corrugated cake pads or circles. You have to either cover the cardboard with a grease proof covering, or in just a short time you have a grease soaked board that has lost its stability.

When using the cardboard circles between the stacked tiers of a wedding cake, you need stability. Not only at the time of stacking, but when transporting, and when the customer is cutting. At the wedding reception, when the designated person is cutting the cake, if they need to remove one of the stacked tiers, if the cardboard circle is not the coated variety, it will give out under the weight of the cake tier. This is especially true if a variety of flavors is used for each different tier. The cake cutter may need to remove the top tier to get to the cake flavor in the bottom tier.