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Cascades Napkins

Soft, economical lunch and dinner napkins from an ecofriendly company that cares about the environment. Save money and the environment with these restaurant napkins for your restaurant or cafeteria.
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North River White 1 Ply Low Fold Napkins
Our Price: $40.19 / Case of 8000
2607 in stock!

CSD2581 by Cascades Tissue
North River One Fourth Fold White Beverage Napkins
Our Price: $19.36 / Case of 4000
1142 in stock!

CSD2222 by Cascades Tissue
North River 2 Ply One Eighth Fold White Dinner Napkins
Our Price: $49.20 / Case of 3000
679 in stock!

CSD2699 by Cascades Tissue
Decor White 1 Ply Tall Fold Napkin
Our Price: $37.10 / Case
497 in stock!

CSD2569 by Cascades Tissue
Perky III Decor White 1 Ply Napkin
Our Price: $29.91 / Case
679 in stock!

CSD2561 by Cascades Tissue
Cascades for ServOne White Napkins Single Pack
Our Price: $61.95 / Case
551 in stock!

CSD2406 by Cascades Tissue
Privilege Airlaid One Fourth Fold Dinner Napkins - 15 in. x 16.5 in.
Our Price: $75.26 / Case of 1000
342 in stock!

CSD2165 by Cascades Tissue
North River White One Fourth Fold Napkin
Our Price: $48.55 / Case of 6000
776 in stock!

CSD2059 by Cascades Tissue
Cascades for ServOne White Napkins Twin Pack
Our Price: $57.41 / Case
635 in stock!

CSD2410 by Cascades Tissue
Cascades Moka for ServOne Twin Pack Napkins
Our Price: $59.56 / Case
1161 in stock!

CSD2411 by Cascades Tissue
Cascades 2 Ply One Eighth Fold Dinner Napkins
Our Price: $61.79 / Case
277 in stock!

CSD2689 by Cascades Tissue
ServRite I North River 1 Ply Napkin
Our Price: $58.88 / Case of 12 Boxes
159 in stock!

CSD4802 by Cascades Tissue
ServRite II North River White 1 Ply Napkins
Our Price: $45.60 / Case of 6000
6 in stock!

CSD2629 by Cascades Tissue
Decor One Fourth Fold 2 Ply White Dinner Napkins
Our Price: $75.08 / Case
388 in stock!

CSD2230 by Cascades Tissue
Cascades for ServOne Moka Napkins
Our Price: $65.53 / Case
281 in stock!

CSD2407 by Cascades Tissue

Sustainability in Mind

The only brand to offset 100% of electricity used for production with Green e certified renewable wind energy. North River Single Serve Luncheon Napkins. Perfect for businesses working towards sustainability. Strong, absorbent,fully embossed, recycled and whitened napkins without chlorine. EPA Compliant; Green Seal Certified and Ecologo Certified.

North River Dinner Napkins

Impress your guests! Elegantyly embossed, 1/8 open face fold napkins have the look and feel of quality. Recycled and whitened without chlorine. Green Seal Certified.
Contains 60% post-consumer recycled content, 100% total recycled content.

North River Perky Napkin Dispenser Napkins

An excellent choice for foodservice establishments with small menu items like coffee and donuts or ice cream where cost per use is critical. One-ply and fully embossed. Contains 50% post-consumer recycled content, 100% total recycled content. EPA Compliant; EcoLogo Certified.

North River ServRite II Dispenser Napkins

Absorbent, fully embossed, one-ply napkins are perfect for quick-service restaurants and ideal for high-traffic areas, the ServRite dispenser system helps save money by reducing napkin consumption. EPA Compliant; Green Seal Certified; Ecologo Certified. ontains 60% post-consumer recycled content, 100% total recycled content.

Cascades for ServOne Napkins

Durable, recycled interfolded napkins are the clean, convenient choice for everyday foodservice. Completely sealed plastic packaging protects them until they’re needed, and when combined with the ServOne dispensing system consumption and waste are cut by up to 25%. EcoLogo Certified. Contains 100% total recycled content.

Decor Dispenser Napkins

Strong, fully embossed and 100% recycled, they’re a great choice for small, limited menus and anywhere cost per use is important.

Decor Dinner Napkins

Absorbent, recycled and perfect for wrapping cutlery. Convenient 1/4 fold sizing.

Cascades Elite Dinner Napkins

Elegance and incomparable softness combine with 3-ply strength and absorbency in a high-quality dinner napkin made for big meals and perfect for full service restaurants, resorts and lodging facilities. Recycled. White.

Cloth-like! Privilege Moka DRC Napkins/Guest Hand Towels

Ultra soft and absorbent with a smooth, refined appearance. Attractive enough for table settings, yet strong enough for lining bread baskets or serving trays. Moka color. Contains 40% post-consumer recycled content, 40% total recycled content.