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Not only do chef hats help keep hair out of the food, but they are hip to wear as well. Foodservice headwear isn't always regarded as the most attractive part of the uniform. While the traditional chef's hat still carries a bit of prestige and a certain air of professionalism, other forms of headwear are more functional than attractive. Learning more about the various types of headwear that can be used in a food preparation area will help you understand the importance of this simple addition to a foodservice worker or chef's uniform. Though a hair net or bouffant cap may not carry a lot of glamour, it is absolutely essential for running a clean, professional, and high quality kitchen.
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When you're picturing foodservice headwear, the first image to jump to mind may be the chef's hat. This cylindrical hat has been in use in some form or fashion for thousands of years. Assyrian chefs as far back as the seventh century AD are believed to have worn tall hats as a symbol of their station. In 19th century France, Marie-Antoine Careme added the tall white hat as we see it today to the chef's wardrobe. The height of the hat corresponded to the ranking of the chef. Today, these hats are typically given to the head chef, though in some kitchens many cooks will wear them. Buy Chef Hats for your kitchen staff today.