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Chicopee Wet Wipes

They are called Chicopee Chix Wet Wipes. They come dry, but are a cloth that is made to be used with soap, or disinfectant, and water. Chicopee Chix Wet Wipes are made for light duty cleaning. They are absorbent enough to soak up enough liquid to efficiently clean, but thin enough to dry quickly. Drying quickly is important to prevent the growth of germs.
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Wet Wipe (CHI8507) - Pink Diamond - Lt Duty
Wet Wipe - Pink Diamond - Lt Duty
Our Price: $25.99 / Case of 200
In Stock

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Stripe (CHI8311) Wet Wipe - Pink Lt Duty
Stripe Wet Wipe - Pink Lt Duty
Our Price: $54.83 / CASE of 200
In Stock

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Stripe (CHI8312) Wet Wipe - Green
Stripe Wet Wipe - Green
Our Price: $255.66 / Case of 900
In Stock

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Just grab a Chicopee Chix Wet Wipe to soak up a spill. Rinse out, let dry, and use again and again. The special rayon blend this cloth is made of will also pick up and hold crumbs and until rinsed out. The Chix Wet Wipes come in the colors of blue, green, and pink. This makes it easy to color code the wipes to use in certain areas, such as blue for restrooms, green for kitchen area, and pink for restaurant tables.

Here are the main product features:
Reusable/Dries Quickly
Apertures (Pick Up Particles/Rinse Easily)
Color Coded
Convenient Packaging