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Dexter Russell

The Dexter Russell company is the largest manufacturer of professional cutlery in the United States. They are also the oldest. Quality materials along with efficient design give Dexter knives the edge in foodservice kitchens.
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Scalloped Slicer White - 12 in.
Our Price: $13.34 / Each
7 in stock!

DRI31605 by Dexter Russell
Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Traditional Cleaver - 9 in.
Our Price: $54.52 / Each   
2 in stock!

DRI08240 by  Dexter Russell
Scalloped Offset Sandwich Knife White Handle - 9 in.
Our Price: $24.73 / Each
56 in stock!

DRI24423 by Dexter Russell
Pizza Cutter with Black Handle - 4 in.
Our Price: $6.56 / Each   
1 in stock!

Pizza Cutter with Black Handle  4 inch DRI31631 by Dexter Russell
They design their knives and other kitchen tools to last. Extensive testing is done to insure they can be easily used by real people in real kitchens. Quality materials enhanced with the integrity of craftsmanship.
Professional cutlery designed, built, and tested to be people friendly and kitchen tough.
Knives are sharp, right out of the box.
Edges last longer and can be easily re-sharpened.
The complete array of professional cutlery, tools, and accessories provides consistent, time-tested performance in the kitchen.
The Dexter Edge, the right knife and solutionůsince 1818.