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Dial Liquid Soaps

Help keep your family healthy and your home beautiful with our great selection of Liquids soap from Dial. Liquid soap can be used for different levels of hand cleaning at home or work. Natural liquid soap is a great hand sanitizer and antibacterial agents. Dial Liquid Antibacterial Soaps have great special formulas which are Anti-Viral. It suppresses germs and protects skin. After washing your hands, you can make the skin surface have a layer of protection film. Frequent usage can make skin young and delicate.
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Liquid Dial (DIA95503) w/Moisturizers and Vitamin E Antimicrobial Soap Flex Paks - 800 ml
Liquid Dial w/Moisturizers and Vitamin E Antimicrobial Soap Flex Paks - 800 ml
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Liquid Dial Soap w/Moisturizers Flex Paks - 800 ml
DIA95503 By Dial
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For commercial and industrial use, the Dial Gold Antimicrobial Liquid Hand Soap is an unscented liquid in which the antibacterial formula`s active ingredient in this liquid soap is Triclosan that is capable of killing an array of bacteria and yeast and helps to prevent the growth of gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens. It also contains emollients and skin conditioners to ensure mildness even with frequent hand washings. Avoid contact with eyes. And in case of eye contact, flush with water.

More and More of sensitive and natural hand liquid soap. Pure and Natural Liquid Hand Soap is a hypoallergenic, mild liquid lotion soap that is gentle on the skin. With its fresh floral fragrance and rich lotion look and feel, Pure & Natural soap is a premium product with an emphasis on value. Perfect for any commercial setting including healthcare facilities, schools, offices, restaurants, daycare and more.

Formulated with pure Castile along with organic ingredients, these soaps clean effectively while softening and refreshing skin. The original multi-purpose Dial Liquid Soaps clean everything from your body and hair to your laundry and sink. And the pampering Boraxo Orange Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner and Basic Liquid Soap Décor and many more products from Dial’s productive Liquid Soaps nurture, lather and moisturize.