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Every foodservice establishment in the world has to decide what kind of plates to serve their food on. We sell every different kind of plate including paper plates, plastic plates, glass plates, foam plates and china plates.
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Bare Deep Well Medium Weight Paper Plate 8.5 inch
Our Price: $64.78 / Case of 500
667 in stock!

SCCMP9B by Solo Cup
Quiet Classic - White Laminated 9 In Compartmented Plate
Our Price: $46.88 / Case of 500
523 in stock!

Dart Famous Food Service Plates 9 inches
Our Price: $91.32 / CASE
944 in stock!

Dart Container
Classicware Plastic Plate Clear 9 in. - Case
Our Price: $97.12 / Case of 180
304 in stock!

WNACW9180 by WNA
ChampWare Molded Fiber Tableware Rectangle - 10 in. X 5 in.
Our Price: $83.66 / Case of 500
11 in stock!

SCH18650 by Southern Champion
Masterpiece Ivory With Gold Band 6 in. Plastic Plates (150 plates)
Our Price: $93.95 / Case of 150


Dart Quiet Classic Honey Laminated Plate - 10 1/4 Inch
Our Price: $60.35 / CASE of 500
86 in stock!

DCC10PHQ by Dart
Quiet Classic Honey Laminated Compartmented Plate 9 in. - Case
Our Price: $41.04 / Case of 500
84 in stock!

DCC9CPHQ by Dart
Buy dinnerware plates for your foodservice establishment. There are times when only a disposable plate makes sense. Paper plates are ecofriendly and economical for your food establishment.  You can get basic lightweight paper plates for picnics and snacks. Medium weight coated paper plates are more appropriate for lunch cafes and coffee shops. Heavy weight pressed paper plates are strong enough for big dinners and can be purchased as 3 compartment if needed. Foam plates are the lowest cost disposable plate if price is your main concern. Plastic plates are good for picnics, outdoor gatherings, corporate outdoor events, potlucks, informal banquets, parties, showers, and informal weddings.