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Dust Pans

No matter what your needs, we have the dustpan for you. It is simple as well as effortless to get rid of every single bit of dust and waste.
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Heavy-Duty Dustpan, 12-1/4 Inch Wide, Charcoal
Heavy-Duty Dustpan, 12-1/4 Inch Wide, Charcoal
Our Price: $5.74 / EACH
28462 in stock!

RCP2005CHA by Rubbermaid
Duo-Pan Upright Black Dust Pan - 30 in.
Our Price: $16.23 / Each   

Duo-Pan Upright Black Dust Pan - 30 in. by Carlisle Foodservice
Black Dust Pan - 12 in.
Our Price: $4.69 / Each   

Black Dust Pan - 12 in. by Continental Mfg Company
Lobby Pro Dust Pan Hanger Bracket
Lobby Pro Dust Pan Hanger Bracket - 1.25 in. x 1.25 in. x 4 in.
Our Price: $7.00 / Case of 6
1130 in stock!

RCP2535 by Rubbermaid
Black Lobby Dust Pan - 12 in.
Our Price: $15.28 / Each   

Continental Mfg Company
Duo-Sweeper Blue Floor Sweeper - 9.25 in.
Our Price: $30.81 / Each   

Duo-Sweeper Blue Floor Sweeper - 9.25 in. by Carlisle Foodservice
Black Plastic Dust Pan
BLACK Plastic Dust Pan
Our Price: $2.80 / EACH
415 in stock!

IMP700 by Impact Products
Duo-Pan Plastic Upright Dustpan With Metal Handle
Our Price: $12.36 /EACH   
605 in stock!

Carlisle Duo-Pan Plastic Upright Dustpan With Metal Handle  FLO361410 by Carlisle
One of our more useful janitorial dust pans is the Lobby Pro Upright Dust Pan. Being Vinyl-coated, the metal handle will not stain, discolor or absorb odors and is light weight and easy to carry and durable. An adjustable handle grip enhances user comfort while durable rear wheels improve wear resistance. Dustpan is 10 inches wide by 9 inches deep by 2 inches tall which makes cleaning up easy and convenient. Now you can sweep your floors without bending over and hurting your back. The long handled dust pan and Broom can be a back saving janitorial product enabling you to clean up litter, crumbs, broken glass and more without bending over to sweep into the dust pan. Special step down design feature holds dust pan in place. This cleaning product is ideal for use in your hotel lobby, restaurant lobby, movie theater, or banquet hall. We also have LobbyMaster L Grip Plastic Lobby Dust Pans which has an ergonomically designed L grip handle for easy, convenient handling. Have the features of being easy lock 2-way PVC handle, innovative foot rest pad, enhanced angled bottom, re-engineered yoke, pan & feet, refined front edge and increased tray capacity. Available in black color and that is the king of all colors. Black Jumbo Plastic Dust Pans are heavy duty plastic construction and lay flat on floors for easy debris pickup from angle broom, corn broom, or push broom. This larger dust pan is for bigger jobs. We also offer our metal pan which is the most popular in our great selection of dust pans. It is heavy gauge steel black dust pan, has rust resistance finish, available in black color and fine line edge of maximum pick up.

Self Closing Lobby Dust Pans automatically close shut when lifted to prevent dust and trash from falling out. Large capacity dust pans speed up cleaning and reduce back strain due to their sleek stainless steel professional design. This product stands up to years of wear and tear. Perfect for schools, stores, sidewalks, and other areas where routine pick-up is required.

Having problems especially with the dust at the corners of the room, our Duster Dust Pan is the magical key for solving this issue. It is convenient and easy to clean dust and dirt. The brush fits onto dustpan for easy storage and has convenient hang up spot molded through the handle and dustpan so you can hang it up when finished cleaning. The duster has polypropylene bristles and a comfortable molded plastic handle with hang-up hole. Plastic pan features large handle and rubber edge for easy pick-up. This dust pan is great for home as well as office.