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EMI Yoshi Party Tray

If you want to entertain elegantly but still use disposables, you should use the EMI Yoshi plastic serving wares which are the latest trends from shapes and colors to materials and manufacturing for food serving. We carry a large selection of Catering serving trays for your foodservice establishment or party. EMI also makes punch bowls with a crystal clear shape which will attract the eye with their stylish appearance. Moreover, if you need to serve salad from a container to another without mess; you should use our Party Tray Scissor Tongs. It’s a transparent serving tool, which is provided with a scissor look like hand in order to be easy to use. The EMI Yoshi innovators wouldn’t neglect any serving ware tools; so they innovated the Party Tray Punch Ladle with its clear, transparent look that will help you in serving liquids to your guests. Furthermore, our Clear Punch Bowl 8 Quart is a smaller size of punch bowls with an attractive transparent look.
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Round Plastic Party Trays Black 16 inch
Our Price: $85.21 / Case   
2 in stock!

Round Party Tray Black 16 inch 460B by EMI Yoshi
Red Round Plastic Platters 16 inch
Our Price: $125.13 / CASE of 25
4 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Red Round Platters 16 inch 460R by EMI Yoshi
Clear 7 Compartment Plastic Trays 16 inch
Our Price: $57.64 / CASE of 12   
100 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Clear 7 Compartment Trays 16 inch 302 by EMI Yoshi
Green Round Plastic Trays 12 inch
Our Price: $84.78 / CASE of 25   
10 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Green Round Trays 12 inch 420G by EMI Yoshi
Red Plastic Round Trays 12 inch
Our Price: $84.78 / CASE of 25   
10 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Red Round Trays 12 inch 420R by EMI Yoshi
Triangle Plastic Platters Clear 16 x 16 x 16 inch
Our Price: $61.91 / Case
4 in stock!

Triangle Platter Clear 16 x 16 x 16 inch 161616C by EMI Yoshi
Clear Round Plastic Lids 12 inch
Our Price: $25.10 / CASE of 25   
5 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Clear Round Lids 12 inch 320-L by EMI Yoshi
Clear Plastic Round Dome Lid - 18 in.
Our Price: $48.65 / CASE of 25  
10 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Clear Round Dome Lid 18 inch 380L by EMI Yoshi
Smoke Round Plastic Platters 16 inch
Our Price: $49.77 / CASE of 25
12 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Smoke Round Platters 16 inch 460S by EMI Yoshi
Black Plastic Round Platters 18 inch
Our Price: $82.86 / CASE of 25
4 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Black Round Platters 18 inch 480B by EMI Yoshi
If you want to cover your food in order to keep it fresh, you should have a look on our Clear Round Lids which are Compatible with the different styles of plates and trays. EMI Yoshi tray lids are all transparent so that you can recognize what is under it without opening the tab. Clear Pitchers are another product produced by EMI Yoshi for catering. Disposable pitchers made of Strong durable plastic, resist cracking. Just pour out any cold drinks in this classic clear plastic pitcher. Pitcher features a wavy design and an easy-to-hold handle. Makes serving as a breeze at banquets and picnics.

We have different attractive colors and sizes of platters and plates such as the Clear Round Platter with its crystal look, the Green Round Tray in 12 inch which its green color will decorate your table, also  you can add little spice to your next celebration with the Red Round Tray - 12 in. If you need a larger size you should have a look on our Clear Round Platter - 16 in. with its crystal look, Red Round Platter - 16 in. adds little spice to your table decoration, or even the Smoke Round Platter with its smoky gorgeous style. More sizes and colors are also available.

We pride ourselves on servicing you with an unparalleled product collection, a real promise to helping you entertain with style, and the desire to make your next event the talk-of-the-town. Our products have the elegant look of china and the convenience of disposable that you have come to expect from us .we are trying to become your trusted partner of premium disposable serving ware for your business and catering.

EMI Yoshi designs did not forget the Cake Cutter Lifter either that will help you to cut and serve pieces of cake.
For picking up larger quantities of food without compromising the presentation, we offer you our Clear Party Tray Tongs 9 inch. These tongs have a curved gripper on each side to give the server the easiest way to serve.