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EMI Yoshi

We ship EMI Yoshi products, which are an innovator in the plastic serving ware industry. EMI Yoshi produces the latest trends from shapes and colors to materials and manufacturing, the products have the elegant look of china yet are disposable for easy cleanup. If you have a party and need serving trays, you should have a look at EMI Yoshi Party Trays. Emi also makes Plastic Serving Spoon Cake Cutter Lifters, Tongs with different shapes and usages, punch bowls, salad bowls, lids with different sizes, pitchers, and we also have different attractive colors and sizes of platters and plates. Add stylishness and sophistication to any occasion with EMI Yoshi Resposable products. You will find the versatile miniature martini glasses that are an elegant enhancement for creative displays of appetizers, tapas, and tasting menus. They are also perfect for dessert bars, mini cocktails, and beverage sampling, which are the perfect solutions for presenting small plates. The graceful design of the serving trays with wavy rim compliments any food presentation. Sundae Dish is a new plastic masterpiece boat-like bowl featuring an oblong shape which is perfect for banana splits, ice cream and other topping-filled desserts. The vertical detailing around the entire edge of the glass gives a fun frame to this unique dish, and the plastic composition that is fashionable for both indoor and outdoor events. The design of this dish makes it ideal for refreshment stands and celebratory events, but it can also work for more elegant affairs.
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Square White Plastic Salad Plates 8 inch
Our Price: $111.60 / CASE of 120
5 in stock!

SP8-WHT by EMI Yoshi
Square White Plastic Dinner Plates 10.75 inch
Our Price: $152.01 / CASE of 120
3 in stock!

SP11-WHT by EMI Yoshi
Clear Mini Plastic Martini Glass 2 oz
Our Price: $50.33 / CASE of 120
4 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Clear Mini Martini Glass 2 oz.  MM2 by EMI Yoshi
Round Plastic Party Trays Black 16 inch
Our Price: $85.21 / Case   
2 in stock!

Round Party Tray Black 16 inch 460B by EMI Yoshi
Red Round Plastic Platters 16 inch
Our Price: $125.13 / CASE of 25
4 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Red Round Platters 16 inch 460R by EMI Yoshi
Clear 7 Compartment Plastic Trays 16 inch
Our Price: $57.64 / CASE of 12   
100 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Clear 7 Compartment Trays 16 inch 302 by EMI Yoshi
Green Round Plastic Trays 12 inch
Our Price: $84.78 / CASE of 25   
10 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Green Round Trays 12 inch 420G by EMI Yoshi
Red Plastic Round Trays 12 inch
Our Price: $84.78 / CASE of 25   
10 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Red Round Trays 12 inch 420R by EMI Yoshi
Triangle Plastic Platters Clear 16 x 16 x 16 inch
Our Price: $61.91 / Case
4 in stock!

Triangle Platter Clear 16 x 16 x 16 inch 161616C by EMI Yoshi
Clear Round Plastic Lids 12 inch
Our Price: $25.10 / CASE of 25   
5 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Clear Round Lids 12 inch 320-L by EMI Yoshi
Clear Plastic Pitchers 50 oz
Our Price: $84.51 / CASE of 50
20 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Clear Pitcher - 50 oz. 351 by EMI Yoshi
Cake Cutter Lifter Clear Plastic
Our Price: $61.23 / CASE of 48   
1 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Cake Cutter Lifter Clear 200 by EMI Yoshi
Clear Plastic Round Dome Lid - 18 in.
Our Price: $48.65 / CASE of 25  
10 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Clear Round Dome Lid 18 inch 380L by EMI Yoshi
Smoke Round Plastic Platters 16 inch
Our Price: $49.77 / CASE of 25
12 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Smoke Round Platters 16 inch 460S by EMI Yoshi
Black Plastic Square Soup Bowls 12 oz
Our Price: $112.93 / CASE of 120
17 in stock!

SB12-BLK by EMI Yoshi
White Plastic Square Soup Bowls 12 oz
Our Price: $112.93 / CASE of 120
8 in stock!

SB12-WHT by EMI Yoshi
Plastic Deviled Egg Tray 16 _ 7.5 _ 11.5 inch
Our Price: $35.72 / Case   
28 in stock!

Deviled Egg Tray 16 in. × 7.5 in. × 11.5 in. 1116ET by EMI Yoshi
Small Wonders Plastic Mini Forks Clear
Our Price: $29.95 / Case   

Small Wonders Mini Fork Clear SWFK4C by EMI Yoshi
Small Wonders Plastic Mini Spoons Clear
Our Price: $34.42 / Case   
17 in stock!

Small Wonders Mini Spoon Clear SWSP4C by EMI Yoshi
Black Plastic Round Platters 18 inch
Our Price: $82.86 / CASE of 25
4 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Black Round Platters 18 inch 480B by EMI Yoshi
Clear Plastic Punch Bowl 12 Quart
Our Price: $51.04 / CASE of 6   
52 in stock!

EMI Yoshi Clear Punch Bowl 12 Quart 181 by EMI Yoshi
Rocks Tumbler Plastic Clear 9 Oz
Our Price: $53.25 / Case   
12 in stock!

Rocks Tumbler Clear 9 Oz. EMIST9 by EMI Yoshi
EMI Yoshi Squares are one of EMI Yoshi’s plastic dinning plates and bowls with a square elegant new shape. This oversized shape of the soup bowl makes it look elegant while the black color gives it a special modern look. Moreover, you can have the White Square Soup Bowl - 12 oz. that will match with any style. Square dinner plates help you to serve food while matching the square bowls, which will give your table a unique shape. You can also choose between the transparent and the White Dinner Plate that match with any decoration, or you could even match between them; in order to differentiate between unlike food kinds.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a plate to put salad in, you have to choose the EMI Yoshi Square Black Salad Plate. These plastic square plates are really great for food preparation; various colors are also available such as the transparent with its special outlook, and the Square White Salad Plate. We pride ourselves on servicing you with an unparalleled catering product assortment, a genuine commitment to helping you entertain with style, and the desire to make your next event the talk-of-the-town. These products are called reusable because they can be reused a number of times if needed and then disposed of, or you can throw them out after just one use, we are trying to become your trusted partner of premium disposable serving ware for your business or for your home.