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Eco Friendly Green Environmentally Conscious Chemicals and Cleaning Products

The following standards are applicable for chemicals and janitorial.

EPA Guide for Federal Purchasers (EPP).
EPA Design for the Environment (DfE).
Green Seal for the Industrial & Institutional Cleaners (GS-37).
Green Seal for Industrial & Institutional Floor-Care Products (GS-40).
Environmental Choice (EcoLogo).
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SMP 13006
Liquid Cleaner and Degreaser - 5 Gallon Size
Our Price: $57.76 /EACH   
In Stock

SMP13006 by Simple Green more info
SMP 13012
Liquid Cleaner and Degreaser 24 oz
Our Price: $69.90 /CASE   
In Stock

SMP13012 by Simple Green more info
Dryer Sheets Mountain Rain 144 Ct Packs
Our Price: $28.57 / CASE   
In Stock

Dryer Sheet Mountain Rain - 144Ct.
CDC14995 by Arm and Hammer
more info
SMP 50032
Lime Scale Liquid Cleaner
Our Price: $72.41 /CASE   
In Stock

SMP50032 by Simple Green more info
Green Works All-Purpose Cleaner Refill - 64 oz.
Our Price: $40.47 /CASE   
In Stock

All-Purpose Cleaner Refill - 64 oz.
CLO00457 by Clorox
more info
Crystal Industrial Strength Cleaner and Degreaser
Our Price: $86.83 /PL   
In Stock

SMP19005 by Simple Green more info
Green Works Natural Bathroom Cleaner
Our Price: $32.19 /CASE   
In Stock

Clorox Green Works Natural Bathroom Cleaner
CLO00452 by Clorox
more info
All-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser - 55 Gallon
Our Price: $465.53 /DRUM   
In Stock

SMP13008 by Simple Green more info
Lemon Scent All-Purpose Cleaner - 24 oz.
Our Price: $83.07 /CASE   
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SMP14002 by Simple Green more info
Industrial Strength Cleaner and Degreaser - 1 Gal
Our Price: $114.10 /CASE of 6   
In Stock

SMP19128 by Simple Green more info
Are you using the same products and cleaning techniques you’ve been using for years? Things change. There have been many innovative changes in cleaning products. It might be a good idea to consider some newer, greener, options. In the past, many people believed that less-toxic chemicals wouldn’t work as well or would require greater effort. But today’s green JanSan product offerings are being manufactured by many mainstream companies and the certifying organizations such as Green Seal require extensive testing and proof of efficacy, not just the non-toxic chemical composition. One of the basic principles of green cleaning is to protect the health of the people that live, work, visit or study in the buildings we maintain, not just to make the buildings shiny. Green cleaning gives us the opportunity to create a truly clean environment while taking into consideration the impact our methods and products might have on human health and the planet, both short and long term. Since we don’t always know what those consequences are, it is a good idea to make conservative, eco-conscious choices.

Product Attributes for Consideration:

Comply with all governmental requirements.
Energy efficiency/effectiveness (i.e. designed for use in cold water, etc.).
Minimal corrosive/irritating ingredients, carcinogens, ozone-depleting compounds, regulated hazardous material, fragrances and heavy metals.
Use of renewable resources.
Low VOC content.
Low toxicity in terrestrial and aquatic species (including humans).
Low flammability.
No mutagens, reproductive toxicity, and phosphates/phoshorus.
Concentrated formulas with appropriate handling safeguards.
Clear labeling on use and disposal.
Efficient recyclable, compostable and/or recycled content packaging.