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Enviroware Foodservice

Our enviroware foodservice products are environmentally friendly products for restaurants including straws and plates. These foodservice products do not break down under high temperatures. Enviroware is indistinguishable from standard plastic cutlery , straws or foam. Disposo has been on the leading edge of eco friendly disposable foodservice products. All enviroware products are landfill degradable or can be recycled. Enviroware is designed to interact with the micro-organisms present in landfills, composters, and almost everywhere in nature including oceans, lakes and forests. These micro-organisms metabolize the molecular structure of the plastic, breaking it down into soil.
Dispoz-o Products environmentally friendly green products build on the proprietary envirofoam line. Enviroware is FDA approved and certified biodegradable.
Enviroware cutlery and foam products are 100 Percentage biodegradable and come with a certificate of biodegradability.
Enviroware is formulated to degrade in months when buried or discarded in a landfill.
Most importantly, extensive research proves that Enviroware degrades completely into carbon dioxide, water, and methane and does not produce any toxic residue harmful to living organisms in land or water.
The finished biodegradable product has the same characteristics as the non-biodegradable plastic.