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Using the right floor finish protects your floor from dirt, moisture, wear and tear. Foodservice establishments should use floor finishes on hard floors to keep them from wearing out due to the amount of foot traffic and spills and cleaning. Floor coatings are excellent for scuff, scratch and heel mark resistance such as you find on gym floors and basketball courts. High gloss floor finishes are used in facilities that require a high profile, wetlook shine such as nba courts and volleyball courts.
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DE-FENSE Floor Finish Ready To Use 5 Gallon Cube
Our Price: $66.90 / CUBE
152 in stock!

FRK135025 by Franklin cleaning technology
Quasar 5 Gallon Cube Floor Finish
Quasar 5 Gallon Cube Floor Finish
Our Price: $89.55 / Cube
102 in stock!

FRKF136025 by Franklin Cleaning Technology
Flow Flat Floor Finish Mop Kit 56 inch
Our Price: $324.00 / KIT
337 in stock!

RCPQ979 by Rubbermaid
Medium Floor Finish Mop Head - 5 inch Head band
Medium Floor Finish Mop Head - 5 inch Headband
Our Price: $111.13 / Case of 12
361 in stock!

UNS552 by Unisan
Large Floor Finish Mop Head
Large Floor Finish Mop Heads
Our Price: $134.24 / Case of 12
179 in stock!

UNS543 by Unisan
Solitaire Plus Liquid Floor Finish and Sealer - Each
Our Price: $93.48 / EACH
36 in stock!

DYM36505 by Dymon
Z-Tread Spray Buff Superior Solution - 1 Qt.
Our Price: $47.74 / Case of 12
22 in stock!

ZPPR04201 by Zep Professional
Floor Finish Large Mop Head
Floor Finish Large Mop Head
Our Price: $171.18 / Case of 12
175 in stock!

UNS553 by Unisan
Ultra Fast Acrylic Floor Finish - 5 Gallon
Our Price: $97.77 / Case
351 in stock!

FRKF330125 by Franklin Cleaning Technology
Dimension Floor Finish - 5 Gallon
Our Price: $85.36 / Case
104 in stock!

FRKF330225 by Franklin Cleaning Technology
Wood floor finishing and concrete floor finishes are optimal for restaurant floors to maintain a clean look and shine. Excel Urethane Fortified Floor Finish is an all systems floor finish that not only protects the floor, but also prolongs its life.  The formula in Excel Urethane Fortified Floor Finish is patented, and contains polyacrythane, which is an acrylic/urethane dual copolymer.  Put simply, it is a non yellowing, and ultra durable floor finish for janitorial use. It is ideal to use with janitorial equipment, because it is ultra high speed burnishable, and spray buffable.  Urethane Fortifed Finish made by Excel can be used on any type of floor except an unfinished wood one. When you want to protect the floors in your commercial establishment, be sure to use a Fortified Floor Finish. We stock ymca gym floor finish in 5 gallon pails which is one of the lightest, clearest formulas available for recreational gym floors, ymca gym floors, and health club gym floors. Defense makes some floor finishes that good for economical, low speed maintenance systems as well as urethane fortified floor finishes that are ultra high speed burnishable, spray buffable and bright drying.