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Commercial Floor Pads

The foodservice supply store has cleaning pads to fit your commercial rotary or automatic floor machine.
Carpet Bonnets Floor Buffing Pads Floor Burnishing Pads Floor Pad Driver

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Steel Wool Floor Pad
Our Price: $67.28 /Case   
381 in stock!

Global Materials Steel Wool Floor Pad
GMT120171 by Global Materials
Grade 2 Steel Wool Floor Pad
Our Price: $67.28 /Case   
117 in stock!

Global Materials Grade 2 Steel Wool Floor Pad
GMT120172 by Global Materials
Short Trim Pad Driver 20 INCH
Our Price: $97.10 /EACH   
74 in stock!

Short Trim Pad Driver - Red
BRUPPP20 by Proline Brush
Plastic Pad Holder with Riser 19 Inch
Our Price: $89.74 /EACH   
50 in stock!

Plastic Pad Holder with Riser
BRUPPP19 by Proline Brush
The first you'll want to get is a floor pad driver to hold the pads to your machine. Our short trim pad driver by Proline Brush has unevenly trimmed, widely spaced poly fibers for maximum pad holding power. Our Rubbermaid carpet bonnets work well with either shampoo or solvent-based chemicals. They are perfect for heavy duty carpet cleaning in your restaurant. Stripping pads are available for either high or low speeds for your commercial cleaning needs. Our buffing pads clean when damp and buff when dry for your kitchen’s diverse needs. Floor Burnishing pads are made for high speed floor cleaning machines. Finally, our steel wool pads are truly versatile for all your office, cafeteria, and school floors. From carpets to hardwood, we have the products to keep your office floors clean.  Our floor pads come in a variety of sizes to fit all commercial floor cleaning machines.