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Floor Strippers and Sealers

Floor strippers are designed to quickly penetrate and dissolve difficult to remove floor finish build-up in foodservice establishments. A floor stripper quickly penetrates and emulsifies built up layers of floor finish for efficient removal by an auto scrubber or rotary machine. Our powerful, commercial floor strippers go to work immediately to help restore your foodservice floors to their original condition.
These floor cleaners remove heavy wax buildup as well as urethane fortified films from your restaurant floor. We carry Green Seal Certified floor strippers which are concentrated, low odor, non-butyl environmentally preferable strippers that are solvent free as well for eco friendly buildings. Our Commercial Floor Strippers and sealers help emulsify old floor finishes and wax to gently remove them with a floor machine in order to restore the floor to its original condition  These floor strippers are used in combination with floor finishes to refinish old floors.