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Our brown and white foodservice paper bags are used in grocery stores, convenience stores, and liquor stores. Our paper bags include kraft bags, liquor bags, grocery bags, air sick bags, hot dog foil bags, wax paper bags and silverware bags. The biggest selling foodservice disposable bags include ziploc storage bags, plastic ice bags, food bags, and produce bags. Every restaurant in america needs plastic bags for food storage. The most popular leak resistant plastic bags for take-out in the foodservice industry are the plastic thank you bags. Tsacks have become a staple in every restaurant in america as well as stores.
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White Grocery Bags Ziplock Resealable Plastic Bags

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Wholesale Thank You Bags
White Plastic Thank You Bags 900 count
Our Price: $16.61 /Case of 900
8396 in stock!

ibsthw1val by Integrated Bagging Systems
Cut Rite (REY7950) Wax Paper Bags - 6 x 1 x 7 inch
Cut Rite Wax Paper Bags - 6 x 1 x 7 inch
Our Price: $85.55 / CASE of 6000   
20 in stock!

REY7950  by Reynolds Metals Company
Plastic Food Utility Bag - 4x2x8 Inches
Plastic Food Utility Bag - 4x2x8 Inches
Our Price: $5.96 / Case of 1000
5530 in stock!

IBSPB040208 by Integrated Bagging Systems
Grocery White Paper Bag 6 Size
White 6 lb. Standard Duty Grocery Bag - Bundle of 500
Our Price: $16.07 / Pack   
1936 in stock!

Grocery White Paper Bag 6 Size - Pack
BAGGW6-500 by Duro Paper Bag

Liquor Paper Bags Quart
Quart Size Brown Paper Liquor Bag - Bundle of 500
Our Price: $15.54 / CASE of 500   
1758 in stock!

Liquor Paper Bag - Quart
BAGLQQUART-500 by Bags
Liquor Pint Paper Bags
Pint Size Brown Paper Liquor Bag - Bundle of 500
Our Price: $11.44 / CASE of 500   
1592 in stock!

Liquor Pint Paper Bag
BAGLQPINT-500 by Bags
Clear Zippit 2 mil Ziplock Bags - 7 in. x 8 in.
Our Price: $35.45 / Case of 1000
329 in stock!

MGPMGZ2P0708 by Minigrip
Thank You Print Bags White 11.5 x 21 inch
Our Price: $17.32 / Case of 500
3207 in stock!

IBSTHW2VAL by Integrated Bagging Systems
Plastic Food Utility Bag  -  6 x 3 x 12 Inches
Plastic Food Utility Bag - 6 x 3 x 12 Inches
Our Price: $13.09 / Case of 1000
1627 in stock!

IBSPB060312 by Integrated Bagging Systems
Dry Wax White Paper Sandwich Bag - 6 in. x 0.75 in. x 7.25
Our Price: $30.57 / Case   
2290 in stock!

BGC450019 by Bagcraft
Our plastic food bags and ziploc bags for your foodservice company prevent leaks. The plastic thank you bags and paper grocery bags help your customers get their food and groceries home without breaking.

No matter what type of paper bag you need, we have them and can meet your needs. Duro Bag Manufacturing is one supplier of paper bags who we stock. Duro is the largest paper bag manufacturer in the world, and it is still privately owned. It was started in 1953 by S. David Shor. Charles Shor became the President and Chief Executive Officer in 1987, when he took over for his father. Not only are paper bags a convenience, but they are a must in customer service at stores and restaurants. Your customer would not be very satisfied if they did not have an easy way to carry their purchases home. Paper bags are recyclable and are biodegradable making them a more eco-friendly option than plastic thank you bags. Here are a few types of bags that we sell:
Liquor bags
Heavy duty grocery bags
White grocery bags
Paper handle bags
Lunch bags
Bakery bags
All of these bags come in different sizes and thicknesses, and some in either brown or white. There is a bag to fit all of your merchandise needs. From a double handled shopping bag to a simple lunch bag, we can keep your foodservice establishment supplied.