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Food Service Fire Sale has a variety of bakery, pizza and carry out boxes for you to choose from. The most common pizza box is a square cardboard box in which a pizza is packaged for take-out or pizza delivery.
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Kraft E-Flute Pizza Boxes - 12 in.
Our Price: $17.84 / Bundle
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BOXPZCORE12 by FSF more info
Pizza boxes are often emblazoned with the logo of the pizza company which they belong to. However, some smaller restaurants will use boxes with a generic image. Boxes are thus commonly thrown away with household garbage; a more environmentally friendly disposal option that has been proposed, a form of backyard composting for pizza boxes. Bakery boxes are present in many attractive colors especially pink. You can find attractive white bakery boxes wherein you can protect cakes, cookies and pastries. Bakery boxes for special occasions, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day and other special holidays are here which can be purchased. These boxes may be decorated for occasions. Some carry out food boxes are made up of corn starch which is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Carry out boxes can be stored in the fridge and can be used in the microwave too. When it is picnic time or thanksgiving, carryout boxes make your occasion hassle free. It has locking ends and easy carry handles. Foodservice Boxes for bakeries and pizza shops. Bakery boxes can enhance your products and make them more appetizing, while providing the protection necessary for your baked goods. While your baked good may speak for themselves, itís only right to pack them in the boxes they deserve. Food Service Fire Sale offers a range of bakery boxes to suit your products, from cakes to sweet breads and tarts. These are sturdy bakery boxes that will keep your goodies safe and fresh. Bakery boxes and cake boxes will never go out of style. They are very useful for protecting baked goods and making them easier for customers to carry their food. The biggest benefit of these boxes, however, is the fact that the cardboard protects the baked goods. This is particularly true if you have decorated cakes, which tend to be more delicate than bread. Also the icing needs to stay perfect with the box. It will be kept safe and in good condition by these boxes. Many of them opt for simpler packaging and add ribbons or other simple adornments according to the season. In Food Service Fire Sale, there are bakery boxes for all occasions, from plain white ones to those with fancy windows on top to show off the detailing of the goodies inside.