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Paper Placemats for Restaurants and Banquets.

A placemat is a protective table pad usually made of paper, plastic or cloth for restaurants and households. Their primary function is to protect the dinner table from water marks, food stains or heat damage. They also serve as decorative, especially placemats made from lace or silk, etc. In restaurants they can be used to advertise menu items, specials, and local businesses. They may also have games for children.
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White Classic Embossed Placemat- Case
Our Price: $27.40 / Case of 1000
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HFM601SE1014 by Hoffmaster more info
Scalloped Placemat 9.75 in. x 13.75 in. - Case
Our Price: $27.40 / Case of 1000
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HFMPM32052 by Hoffmaster more info
Hunter Green Placemat 9.5X13.5in. - Case
Our Price: $56.33 / CASE of 1000
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HFM310528 by Hoffmaster more info
Scalloped Edge Paper Placemat Burgundy - 9.5 in. x 13.5 in.
Our Price: $56.33 / Case of 1000
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HFM310524 by Hoffmaster more info
Paper placemats give an appearance of cleanliness. Unlike tablecloths you will not have to live with stains. A paper placemat is easily replaced with a fresh clean one. It looks attractive on wooden tables as well as Formica tables. They are disposable and replaced with each new person being served food or drink. Paper placemats save time and money on doing laundry. To keep your table organized with mats, Food Service Fire Sale provides you with the kid placemats. These durable placemats are made of heavy laminate and wipe easily with a wet cloth, making it easier than ever to protect your table. A placemat that kids will enjoy, features a colorful background and several fun games, such as connect the dots, maze, crossword puzzles and more thatís sure to hold a childís attention. Foodservice placemats protect your tables from spills and add a touch of color to any occasion. Paper placemats are readily available in Food Service Fire Sale. If a table cloth gets a spill, a diner is left sitting with a wet tablecloth or the host or food server needs to remake an entire table with another tablecloth, interrupting the meal. Paper placemats are great for coffee houses, diners, barbecues, casual dining, in home entertaining, holiday parties and so much more. It is a beautiful gift to grace the roof-deck dining area. They can be plain white, or an attractive solid color, or even be a themed design to match a seasonal holiday or occasion. They can quickly change the look of the table simply by changing your choice of color and shape placemats. Paper placemats come in many sizes and shapes, from oval to rectangular, to scallop edged and more and can be handmade if you want to make an extra artistic statement. Additionally paper placemats protect a table from newspaper ink, kidís crafts, dirty fingerprints and more. It creates a relaxed atmosphere and they also give a visual clue as to where you should place and organize your plate, bowl, cup, glass, saucer, flatware, etc. Consider building your paper placemat stash and supply to be ready for any serving occasion.