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Our wholesale chopsticks are the best disposable chopsticks for the foodservice market. We sell wooden chopsticks to virtually every Chinese restaurant in america. Our huge buying power on bamboo chopsticks allows us to beat any competitors pricing. We are a one stop shop for japanese and chinese disposable restaurant supplies.
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High Quality Chinese Wooden Chopsticks
Chinese Wooden Bamboo Chopsticks in White Sleeve 820820
Our Price: $35.90 / 20 Bags of 80 Pair
148 in stock!

High Quality Chinese Bamboo Restaurant Chopsticks
Chopsticks White Pack
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Bamboo Chopsticks in Red Paper Sleeve - 1000 pair 9 in.
Our Price: $36.77 / CASE 1000 Pair
24 in stock!

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Buy your wooden chopsticks from the chinese restaurant supply leader in America. We have been in the foodservice business selling chop sticks for 41  years.