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GP Soaps Sanitizers and Air Fresheners

People are getting excited about foaming soaps. They find the smooth, creamy feel very appealing and enjoy the convenience and total luxury of having their soap pre-lathered before washing. Pacific Garden Foam Antibacterial Soap is 99% effective against most common bacteria. It kills most common bacteria, yet remains mild to skin.
This antibacterial foam soap keeps your hands clean and smells great. Perfectly suited for public restrooms, patient rooms, any non-acute area of a medical facility healthcare, hospitality and food preparation industries. Foam spreads rapidly across the hands for more thorough coverage and provides more hand washings per cartridge. Whether or not you see them, germs are everywhere. They’re on kitchen counters, dining tables and chairs. And since most germs are spread by hands, it’s easy to see how quickly those germs can spread in any professional setting where people interact. The power of Pacific Garden Foam Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness. Thick, rich foam formula stays on your hand. Contains moisturizers to help keep skin hydrated. Works in as little as 15 seconds. No water or towels needed. Specially formulated with moisturizers to leave hands feeling soft and refreshed. Available also in Gel. Pacific Garden Gel Hand Sanitizer is the world's safest and most effective antimicrobial ever created. It is extremely safe, non-toxic ultra powerful antimicrobial sanitizer that kills bacteria and viruses with unprecedented efficacy against over 25 common or virulent pathogens, preventing the spread of illnesses and cross contamination, including 99.999% of swine flu and avian flu, both Feline and Murine Norovirus and many other pathogens. Moreover, Pacific Garden Gel Hand Sanitizer kills bacteria, viruses, and fungus with a Log Kill 99.999% using ingredients totally biodegradable and safe enough for household use.
Let us help you keep that fresh, clean, home feeling! Our Air Freshener Gel Refill is an easy-to-open container. VOC Compliant, nontoxic, nonflammable, water-based formula. Create a pleasurable atmosphere while eliminating unwanted odors. Our Fresh Linen freshener gel adds just enough fragrance to counteract tough odors while enhancing the mood in any environment.
Georgia Pacific creates a refreshing, home-like environment while providing medical-grade protection against germs and viruses to its users. You can also enjoy our Pacific Garden Counter Top Liquid Soap that comes with different fragrances.