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Gone are the days of Glucose, welcome Gatorade! When you feel run down and sweating out at the gym, the best energizer is Gatorade. It is the most trusted sports drink ingested by thousands of athletes to keep them stronger for longer. The work outs at the gym, and long hours on track and field events make us sweat and our bodies lose considerable water and critical mineral salts. Gatorade supplies the needed levels of carbohydrate energy required by our muscles. The isotonic formulation makes Gatorade the ideal energy drink, which is the optimal hydration solution to use before and after activity. Water does not have the necessary amounts of electrolytes, carbohydrates, etc that need to be supplied to the body which we lose as sweat and are required as fuel for the active muscles. Gatorade does not shut off the thirst mechanism unlike water and acts as the perfect thirst quencher and hydrator.
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Gatorade Lemon Lime 21 oz Powder Packets
Gatorade Lemon Lime 21 oz Powder Packets
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Gatorade is a flavored non-carbonated sports drink whose parent company is the world famous Quaker Oats. Gatorade is very much a part of the life of sportsmen all over the world. Its popularity may be adjudged by the reason given by players for losing a football match: "We didnít have Gatorade. That made the difference." The original Gatorade thirst quencher was created in 1965 upon the request of a football coach frustrated by the performance of the team. He then asked the team doctor for a solution and the doctor in turn with a few of his associates came up with a novel mixture of water, sodium, sugar, potassium, phosphate, and lemon juice. Gatorade was named so in the honor of the very same football team the Gators. It became an instant hit when the winning team publicly acknowledged Gatorade as the reason for their win, while the reason given by the opposition team for not winning is the famous quote mentioned above. Gatorade is available in a variety of flavors, namely the original lemon-lime, grape, orange, and fruit punch. Gatorade comes as the lemon lime 21 oz powder packets in a case of 32, as Gatorade thirst quencher instant powder mix in a case of 14, and a lot more manufactured by Gatorade and as the Gatorade 10 gallon cooler with cup dispenser and several more from the Quaker Oats Company. Enjoy Gatorade kept cold for hours, in the insulated 10 gallon Gatorade Cooler that comes with tight-fitting screw-on lid, recessed fast flow faucet, easy-to-carry handle and an easy-to-clean liner. Gatorade Cooler is available in orange color with Gatorade logo on all sides. Gatorade Coolers feature durable construction that resists scratching, denting and fading. They are drip-resistant spigot, screw-tight lid. They are also extra-thick insulation ensures superior thermal retention. For anytime usage, one may go for the Gatorade 8 and 12 ounce cups.