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Hospeco Air Care

Hospeco has been in the air freshening business longer than anyone. Their top air freshening brands get the job done  right.
Airworks 60 is their environmentally friendly automatic aircare system that continually freshens the air. Health Gards Metered Aerosols are specially formulated for public restrooms and other large rooms to neutralize odors.
No restroom deodorant system would be complete without Health Gards Urinal Blocks, Health Gards Urinal Screens and Toilet Rim Cages. The Health Gards Paradichlorobenzene & Non Para Deodorant Product are versatile, and cost-effective for quickly neutralizing odors. Automatic metered air fresheners from Hospeco keep the air in your facility clean and fresh smelling. Metered air dispensers are perfect for foodservice establishments, schools, daycares, movie theaters, healthcare facilities or other commercial buildings and restrooms. They automatically dispense air freshener into the air at programmed times to keep your air smelling clean and fresh. Hospeco is the leading supplier of restroom metered air fresheners in businesses and office buildings. Buy wholesale Hospeco Metered Air Fresheners to keep the air in your foodservice establishment and restrooms clean. Automatically with no hazzle.

Health Gards CLOUD Air Fragrance Gel Systems are dispensed through a fan system allowing natural airflow movement by directing the fragrance in an upward direction out of the top of the unit.