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Hotel Housekeeping Carts

Every hotel in america needs housekeeping carts to help clean the rooms. Hotel cleaning carts store all of the necesary replacement supplies for the hotel rooms along with the cleaning supplies and tools and waste containers. Housekeeping carts are mobile to make it easy to move hotel materials around and durable to last for a long, long time.
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Vinyl Replacement Bag for Janitor Cart w Zipper
Our Price: $57.53 /EACH
1846 in stock!

RCP9T80YEL by Rubbermaid
Compact Fabric Replacement Bag
Our Price: $53.51 /each
423 in stock!

RCP9T81BLA by Rubbermaid Commercial
Microfiber Cleaning Cart
Our Price: $365.41 /Each
143 in stock!

RCP9T73 by Rubbermaid Commercial
Executive Service Cart Black
Executive Service Cart Black
Our Price: $242.93 / EACH
138 in stock!

RCP9T68BLA by Rubbermaid
Black High Security Housekeeping Cart
Our Price: $677.88 /Each   
83 in stock!

RCP9T78 by Rubbermaid Commercial
Cleaning Cart Accessories Black - 11x18.5x35 in.
Our Price: $123.06 / EACH
73 in stock!

RCP6174BLA by Rubbermaid
Black Fabric Mesh Linen Bag - 33 in. x 10.5 in.
Our Price: $277.65 / Each
70 in stock!

Black Fabric Mesh Linen Bag - 33 in. x 10.5 in.
RCP9T91-01BLA by Rubbermaid Commercial
Hotel Housekeeping Carts are great for maids and hotel janitors to move around cleaning supplies, room supplies, and linen supplies. Janitor carts get as fancy as you like.