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For many years ago, IBS Food Service has been dedicated to providing foodservice customers with top-quality, flexible packaging supplies and bags at the most competitive prices. Tired of customer's complaining about your ice bags splitting when they tried to break up the ice in the bag? IBS has your solution. Plain and simple, IBS Plastic Ice Bags are design for and made to hold Ice. Have special stretchable poly bag that can handle the stresses while in use.
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Fold Over Sandwich Bag
Fold Over Sandwich Bag
Our Price: $8.66 /CASE   
1584 in stock!

IBSPB675675 by Integrated Bagging Systems more info
Standard Poly Silverware Bag
Our Price: $18.37 / Case of 2000
479 in stock!

IBSPB10 by Integrated Bagging Systems more info
Bun Rack Cover Clear - 52 x 80
Our Price: $23.27 / CASE of 50
949 in stock!

IBSBR52X80 by IBS more info
Need Reclosable Storage Bags at wholesale prices that are perfect for sauces, berries, leftovers and more. Not only do IBS Reclosable Storage Bags provide a premium tasteful look but we do it at an economical price. These are used for a wide variety of storage, packaging and shipping applications. Reclosable Storage Bags provide different kinds of storage capability, from simply organizing machined parts, commercial components, retail goods and consumer home storage for packing to providing a safer storage option; food products, pharmaceuticals, home-organization, seasonal bedding, industrial gear, chemical storage, and biological supply. It's the little things that add up!

IBS offer a cheap and economical way to protect your equipment and racks and Bakery Bun Pan Racks. IBS Poly Bun Rack Covers are made from prime High Density (HDPE) virgin resin which means that they are FDA approved. The High-clarity of the rack covers makes for a clean look and easy identification. Obviously you want to protect whatever you cover so the performance seals help to resist leakage onto whatever you have covered. These rack covers are packaged in space-saving cases for easy, one-at-a-time dispensing. When it comes to the freshness of your food, the best way to guarantee minimal spoilage is with a strong, properly sealed bag. IBS Heavy Duty Food and Utility Poly Bags are ideal for freezer applications. These bags possess superior clarity in a material that is thinner and stronger than regular polypropylene. This added strength adds confidence that these bags are not easily torn by sharp-edged hard crusted breads, etc. Crusty breads can stay crisp without losing freshness. These clear polypropylene bags are also an ideal way to display bread. Customers can see clearly what they’re buying without having to remove loaves from the bags. In addition to making a beautiful presentation, our IBS Heavy Duty Food and Utility Poly Bags allow the aroma of fresh baked bread to fill the store.

Hotels and motels should offer plastic bags in their ice buckets for sanitary reasons.