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Ingredient Bins

Keep your dry baking ingredients in Rubbermaid Ingredient Bins which are made to store bulk ingredients like flour, sugar, rice, nuts, and powdered sugar. You can buy your ingredients in large quantities for the best price and have the convenience of storing the ingredients in these nifty bins.
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100 Cup Safety Storage Bin with 2 Cup Scoop
Our Price: $139.49 / Each
729 in stock!

RCP9G57WHI by Rubbermaid Commercial
Slant Front 4.1 Ingredient Bin with Sliding Lid
Our Price: $321.18 / Each
78 in stock!

RCP3603-88WHI by Rubbermaid Commercial
Sliding Lid with Scoop for Rubbermaid 3600
Our Price: $107.78 / Each
70 in stock!

RCP9F77 by Rubbermaid
200 Cup Safety Storage Bin with 2 Cup Scoop
Our Price: $193.14 / Each
4 in stock!

RCP9G58WHI by Rubbermaid Commercial
Slicing Ingredient Bin Lid For 3603 and 32 oz Scoop
Our Price: $113.40 / Each
19 in stock!

RCP9F79 by Rubbermaid
Bin Ingredient Slant Top - 27 Gal.
Our Price: $231.63 / Each

Cambro Manufacturing Co
Bin Ingredient Slant Top - 21 Gal.
Our Price: $225.42 / Each

Cambro Manufacturing Co
Ingredient Bins keep the ingredients clean, dry, fresh, and protected from pests. Ingredient Bins from Rubbermaid are made with a locking lid, and clear sliding lid.  Strong wheels are on the bottom of the bin so it can easily be moved around the work area to any food or mixing station.Always be sure to use food safe containers like these.  Some plastic containers not approved for food use can emit odors, tastes, or even toxins to the stored ingredients.These Food Storage Bins come in different sizes, for whatever storage needs you may have in your restaurant kitchens.