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Insulated Coolers

An insulated cooler is a portable container with a layer of insulation to ensure that it keeps cold foods truly cold. Insulated coolers are especially used during the summer, when people desire coolers for camping and picnics. When selecting an insulated cooler, you should think about how you plan to use it. Food Service Fire Sale provides you with insulated Gatorade coolers for various purposes.
Depending on the usage different capacity coolers are available such as 5 gallons, 7 gallons and 10 gallons. Gatorade thirst quencher helps to put back lost electrolytes and stimulates thirst so you will drink enough to stay hydrated. Keep your Gatorade cold for hours. Insulated 5-gallon Gatorade Cooler comes with tight-fitting screw-on lid, recessed “fast flow” faucet, easy-to-carry handle and an easy to clean liner. It is orange in colour with Gatorade logo on all sides. It is made of durable polyethylene material for crack-resistance and long life. Some coolers also come with ice packs which are designed to fit into them, increasing their capacity to keep foods cool. The Gatorade 48-quart ice chest features superior thermal retention that helps keep beverages cold. Side swing handles with comfort grip provide easy carrying. Gatorade 48-quart ice chest is odour resistant. People have been trying to keep food cool for centuries, both because heat increases the rate of decomposition and because many foods taste more pleasant when they are cool. A typical cooler has at least two layers of material, which is spaced with air. Air serves as a decent insulator, keeping the contents of the cooler at a fixed temperature. The layers of insulation may be designed from a variety of materials. Generally, an insulated cooler has a layer of nonconductive material which prevents the transfer of heat from the outside of the cooler to the inside. Many insulated coolers are made from soft, flexiblematerials, which make them easy to carry and handle. Aninsulated cooler is great for drink storage, since cold drinks are often at a premium in hot weather. Beer, wine, and soft drinks all tend to suffer in extreme temperatures, and if they are kept in an insulated cooler, they will be kept cold and refreshing. Such coolers can also be used for fruits, cheese, and meats on picnics, ensuring that they stay wholesome. Gatorade 10 gallon insulated cooler isassociated with cup dispenser for easy serving.