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Janitorial Supplies for office buildings, restaurants, homes, and other commercial enterprises

We stock hundreds of Restaurant Janitorial Supplies, which are essential for a clean and healthy atmosphere in your restaurant. Cleaning products include all purpose cleaners, dusters, vacuums, disinfectants, and more for your foodservice environment. Our glass cleaners make your windows shine in your restaurant. All businesses require a hygienic and odor free toilet and bathroom and we have you covered with our deodorizers and toilet bowl cleaners. Our heavy duty sponges work well in the kitchen and include 100% stainless steel sponges and soft sponge scrubbers. Large Stainless Steel Sponge Scrubbers are designed for scrubbing pots and pans in busy foodservice kitchens. Stainless steel scrubbing pads are used to remove baked-on food from pots, pans, baking dishes, ovens and grills. They are great for all kinds of scouring jobs.
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Food and grease sticks to everythiing, but our S.O.S. Tuffy Nylon Scouring Pads remove unwanted grease from everything in your foodservice kitchen. SOS pads provide scouring power without abrasiveness and are designed for scrubbing pots and pans with non-stick coatings.  S.O.S Steel Wool Commercial Soap Pads are ideal for heavy duty scrubbing of pots and pans where it cuts grease and shines metal. Good janitorial supplies for restaurants can address all the cleaning related needs of your foodservice establishment.