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Johnson Diversey Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner

One of the favorite cleaning products in America is the Fantastik Orange Cleaner because it cleans so well and really does remove stubborn grease off of the stove and countertops so beautifully. With us you can combine the tough grease-cutting formula of fantastik with pure orange oil and the result is astonishing.
Fantastik Orange Action is an advanced formula that powers through grease and grime on more surfaces than other leading orange cleaners. Use fantastik Orange Action to clean your counters, cabinets, stoves, microwaves, bathrooms, refrigerators, patio furniture, bikes, and tools. This Fantastik Orange Cleaner is safe to use and will not harm people or the environment. It smells nice, too; consumers love the gentle orange fragrance. Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach removes tough food stains, greasy soil, soap scum, and mold and mildew stains. And you'll like the fresh, clean scent. Fantastik Cleaner with Bleach is mild enough to use throughout your kitchen and bathroom. Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner offers the well-known, grease-cutting power of fantastik and wipes out most household soils in seconds without leaving behind a smeary residue. Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach is the best choice for removing grease and food stains in the kitchen, and for removing soap scum, mold, and mildew stains in the bathroom. Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach combines the grease-cutting power of fantastik All Purpose Cleaner with the stain-fighting power of bleach. It was developed to remove extra-tough stains and soils. Versatile Fantastik All-Purpose Cleaner with a pleasant fragrance. It cuts through tough greasy soils, removes grease, grime, fingerprints, smoke film, crayon, lipstick, heel marks and even soap scum. It works on just about any hard surface including countertops, sinks, walls, ceramic tiles, floors and bathtubs. To thoroughly clean appliances and countertops, floors and cabinets, showers and tubs, and many more surfaces around your house, you can't go wrong with the fantastik family of all purpose cleaners. Fantastik cuts through the most stubborn grease and grime, and it deodorizes, leaving no smeary residue. Is it good? No, it's fantastik!
Fantastik Professional Formula Ready-to-use is effective on appliances, microwave ovens, sinks, tubs, showers, floors, countertops, cabinets, chrome fixtures, ceramic tile, fiberglass, porcelain surfaces, and stainless steel. For all other surfaces, spot test in an inconspicuous area. Moreover, combines the tough cleaning formula of Fantastik with a pleasant fragrance in an advanced formula that cuts tough grease and grime without leaving a smeary residue. Fantastik Professional Formula Ready-to-use is easy to use. Offers no overpowering chemical odor. Can be available in Trigger Sprayer, gallon refills and bag in box.