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Johnson Diversey Floor Science

One of the most critical steps in refinishing a floor is properly rinsing off the remaining stripper. We recommend  Johnson Diversey’s Floor Science Floor Stripper to rinse aids to help you achieve a quality result. Removing tile, linoleum, carpet or even wood laminate from a floor can be tough, tedious business. With our Floor Science Floor Stripper, you can save time as well as unnecessary wear and tear on your knees and elbows.
Over time floor finish can turn yellow and can build a haze. If burnishing or polishing your floor does not correct this, it's probably time to strip your floors and do a new recoat. This Floor Science Floor Stripper virtually eliminates the need for floor machines, pads, and rinsing. It will solubilize aged and built-up finishes and waxes almost instantly. Moreover, can be a quick and clean procedure if you have the correct tools for the job. The use of a good floor stripper will make your life much easier, it's better to have the floor stripper remove the wax rather than using hard labor. Johnson Diversey FLOOR SCIENCE offers sophisticated SC Johnson Wax technology in the most simplified floor-care system available. Four color and number coded products formulated to work together perfectly. Compatible with both resilient and non-resilient floors, the FLOOR SCIENCE� system works well with all maintenance programs, including simple mop-scrub-recoat, high-speed, and ultra-high-speed burnishing. FLOOR SCIENCE provides a wet-look gloss that resists scuffs and heel marks. Scrub and Polish at the same time by using our Floor Science Spray Buff. Johnson Diversey’s Floor Science Spray Buff contains special cleaning agents and solvents to remove scratches, scuffs and black heel marks. It also contains acrylic polymers to revive and enhance gloss. This product will not yellow or make your floor harder to strip when you decide to completely refinish. In fact, you won't need to refinish as frequently because your floors will keep looking great. Floor Science Spray Buff also can be used on old damaged tile and linoleum to help restore the life of the floor. Moreover, this product removes all black heel marks and dirt, replacing them with a brilliant shine that will actually upgrade the original gloss of the finish. Saves time and money because less frequent recoating is necessary, as well as extending time spans between stripping.

In addition to all of these great products; Professional Floor Science Universal Sealer Finish is designed to be used as a sealer coat on unfinished wood floors and wood surfaces before applying topcoat. Professional Floor Science Universal Sealer Finish penetrates the wood, dries quickly and gives a rich tone to wood surfaces. Repairs easily in minimal time and resists scuffs and scratches. Plus, can be used for conventional, high-speed and ultra high-speed floor machines. Dries fast, no sealer required. For resilient and non-resilient floors. Sanding or screening the sealer is not required resulting in an easier and faster job.
Don’t settle for dirty, nasty-looking floors when you could be walking on sparkling clean surfaces. Our Professional FLOOR SCIENCE Cleaner effective formula cleans resilient and non-resilient floors, except wood, cork and painted surfaces, deeply and gently and does so without the need for rinsing. The use of a good cleaner will make life much easier, and with low cost effect and reducing labors.