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Johnson Diversey Mr Muscle Cleaner

Even the greatest chefs leave greasy messes when they create their masterpieces.  Splatters and drips happen to everyone.  Your stovetop, oven, and grill can all collect baked-on grease and grime.  Fortunately, MR Muscle oven and grill cleaners are strong enough to do the job and get your cooking surfaces spotless.
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Break-Up Oven Cleaner - 19 oz.
Our Price: $34.86 / Case of 6
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DVO991206 by Johnson Diversey more info
Break Up Fryer Boil-Out ( CBD 991209 ) Fryer Boil-Out
Break Up Fryer Boil-Out
Our Price: $51.81 / CASE of 36
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CBD991209 by Johnson Diversey more info
MR Muscle Oven and Grill Cleaner is a liquid cleaner for ovens, broilers, hoods, pots, pans, fryers, grills and deep fryers. Features self-scouring action which means less scrubbing. Quick-clean formula for fast 30-minute cleanups. For tougher jobs, leave foam on for two to four hours. Long-lasting foam penetrates, absorbs and lifts away burnt-on grease and grime. Kosher and pareve. Mr. Muscle Oven and Grill Cleaner Trigger Spray is greatly formulated with heavy duty cleaning power for fast and easy cleaning of institutional, industrial, and commercial surfaces. Self-scouring action with unsurpassed clinging ability starts breaking down tough, baked on grease and grime on contact. Works effectively in cold ovens for saving energy. The Dual usage is for quick jobs and time-lapse action. Convenient spray nozzle can be adjusted easily for cleaning hard to reach places, or wider surface areas for offering great directional control. Moreover, it works especially well on ovens, grills, broilers, ventilating hoods, splash panels, pots, pans, fryers and grills. Moreover, you can enjoy our Mr Muscle Fryer Boil-Out which enhances the characteristics of equipment and improves the quality of fried food. This product greatly designed to degrease and clean foodservice fryers due to its liquid formula. Working with a combination of heat and chemical action, it penetrates, emulsifies and cleans away built-up, carbonized grease. A clean fryer operates more efficiently and lasts longer. Carbonized grease that has accumulated on the interior surface of the fryer imparts a rancid flavor to deep-fried foods. This problem is eliminated with routine use of Mr. Muscle, as shortening stays fresher and works longer in equipment that is cleaned on a regular basis.
For heavy-duty jobs, you're going to need a heavy-duty cleaner. Mr Muscle Chlorinated Cleanser with Bleach has a great formula which is effective on a wide range of surfaces, including: chrome, porcelain, ceramic tile and other durable surfaces as it cleans and deodorizes gently, using mild abrasives. Heavy-duty products developed to satisfy the toughest cleaning needs. Attacks grease and grime on ovens, grills, fryers and more. Extra power to clean away even carbonized soils.
Manufactured for many years, Johnson Diversey Mr Muscle Cleaners are completely safe to touch and to use on virtually any surface. Can be safely used as an oven cleaner, range cleaner, and a degreaser for grills, fryers, even pots and pans. It also makes excellent stainless steel cleaner and can even clean baked on barbecue. Perfect for use in large scale restaurant kitchens, home ovens, and even outdoor grills.