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Johnson Diversey Whistle All Purpose Cleaner

Johnson Diversey Whistle is greatly known for its effective products that are widely spread all over the world. One of its greatest products is Whistle All Purpose Cleaner Trigger Spray which contains a unique blend of surfactants, solvents and ammonia that doesn`t streak or leave a dulling film.
Effective on walls, floors, cabinets, appliances and fixtures. Leaving no rinsing and has no phosphates. Heavy-duty institutional formula tackles the toughest cleaning problems built-up floor wax, hard-water stains, scuff marks, grease, smoke film, lipstick, and coffee and tobacco stains. This powerful, green foam formula with natural degreasers and deodorizers is ideal for removing dirt, grease and fingerprints from doors, walls, ceramic and plastic tile, floors and bathroom fixtures. If there is cleaning to be done, it can be completed with this cleaner. Moreover, you can enjoy our Whistle All Purpose Cleaner Aerosol which is formulated to foam away dirt, grease and fingerprints from washable surfaces. Its industrial strength formula tackles a wide range of cleaning jobs-from removing heavy soil and wax build-up on baseboards to foaming away grease on exhaust vents and hoods. It will clean painted walls and woodwork and will remove grease from the inside of cabs on tractors. Besides, it will clean white-wall tires whiter than any product of its kind on the market today. Whistle All Purpose Cleaner Aerosol can be turned upside down and sprayed to get into hard to reach nooks and crannies. The clinging foam, no rinse formula allows concentration of the product on stubborn spots and aids in spot cleaning. Just spray and wipe. Johnson Diversey Whistle All Purpose Cleaner removes a variety of soils from virtually any washable hard surface leaving behind a fresh, light scent. Non-scratch, no-rinse formula leaves no streaks or dulling residue. Special formulas available for all-purpose cleaning, disinfecting and degreasing. Especially for hospitals, nursing homes, schools and hotels we’ve got a gift for you; WHISTLE Disinfectant Degreaser and Cleaner contains no phosphorous, plus it disinfects, degreases and even deodorizes hard, nonporous surfaces due to the nonacid formula which is ideal for use in. Removes a variety of food soils, grease, and oil from virtually any washable hard surface and removes smoke and vapor deposits from cooking oils and fats in food preparation and food processing areas. Greatly effective against staph, salmonella, E. coli, HIV-1 and more. EPA Registered.
From your kitchen to your bathroom, our Johnson Diversey Whistle All Purpose cleaner, dermatologist-tested and made by professionals and excellent ingredients cuts through grease, grime and dirt with the power you'd expect from Johnson Diversey Whistle. Now you can have it all: extraordinary cleaning power without harsh chemical fumes or residue.