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KC Paper Napkins

Save your foodservice establishment money with our SCOTT 1-Ply Megacartridge Napkins. Itís designed for true one-at-a-time dispensing.
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KCC 98908
Scott 1-Ply Megacartridge Napkins - 6.5 x 8.4
Our Price: $57.26 / CASE of 5250   
3946 in stock!

Scott Megacartridge Napkins 6 x 8 KCC98908 by Kimberly Clark
KCC 98740
Scott Full Fold Dispenser Napkins - 13 x 12
Our Price: $67.22 / CASE of 6000   
1951 in stock!

Scott Full Fold Dispenser Napkins KCC 98740 by Kimberly Clark
KCC 98710
Scott Tall Fold Dispenser Napkins - 7 x 13.5
Our Price: $75.89 / CASE of 10000
1040 in stock!

KCC 98710 by Kimberly Clark
KCC 98200
Scott 1/8 Fold Dinner Napkins - 15 x 17
Our Price: $86.89 / CASE of 3000   
448 in stock!

Scott 1/8 Fold Dinner Napkins - 15 x 17 KCC 98200 by Kimberly Clark
KCC 98730
Scott Full Fold Dispenser Napkins - 12 x 17
Our Price: $73.95 / CASE of 6000   
378 in stock!

Scott Full Fold Dispenser Napkins 12 x 17 KCC 98730 by Kimberly Clark
KCC 98171
Scott 1/4 Fold Dinner Napkins - 17 x 17
Our Price: $81.03 /CASE of 4000   
186 in stock!

Scott 1/4 Fold Food Service Dinner Napkins 17 x 17 KCC 98171 by Kimberly Clark
KCC 98720
Scott Low Fold Dispenser Napkins - 7 x 12
Our Price: $87.40 / CASE of 8000
48 in stock!

KCC 98720 by Kimberly Clark
Narrow dispenser throat prevents "fistful-of-napkins" dispensing. Three times the capacity of ordinary napkin dispensers. Easy to load and maintain - simply slide cartridge into dispenser. Reduces napkin usage up to 30% Only loading system that is truly hygienic napkins are not touched during refill. End it with Scott Mega Cartridge Napkin System! To keep surfaces clean, it is a good idea to have some napkin dispensers within plain sight. When in time of need, customers or guests should have napkins on hand. Depending on your need, you can choose from Scott Tall Fold Dispenser Napkins, Scott 1/8 Fold Dinner Napkins, Scott Low Fold Dispenser Napkins or Scott Quarter Fold Dinner Napkin. Disposable products are a convenient solution for special events, sanitation requirements, waste management and cleaning. Professionally designed to make retrieving napkins easy from the dispenser. Some are made exactly for the countertop. These dispensers also work well on almost any table, especially ideal for restaurants, hospitals, and schools. They can hold a lot of napkins and are easy to refill when needed. Soft and absorbent, SCOTT Napkins deliver quality and help control costs. You can also enjoy our Scott Beverage Napkins which are an economical solution for your lunch room, diner, deli, cafeteria, or take-out operation.

The faster life gets, the more you appreciate thoughtful service. Our Scott Full Fold Dispenser Napkins are always there, at hand, to provide that caring touch even in the busiest self-catering and fast food environments. With a variety of sizes, folds, and plies, Kimberly Clark Dispenser Napkins have the solution for your foodservice needs. In addition, dispenser napkins represent an excellent advertising medium because of their widespread use and high visibility.
Kimberly-Clark and its well-known global brands are an indispensable part of life for people in more than 150 countries. Every day, 1.3 billion people - nearly a quarter of the world's population - trust K-C brands and the solutions they provide to enhance their health, hygiene and well-being. Kleenex is the leading Paper Napkins brand because it consistently meets or exceeds consumers' needs by delivering new innovations to the marketplace. Napkins are a commodity and you should look for the best deal possible.