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Kess Chemicals

KESS INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS, is a family owned chemical business founded in Miami in 1982. The company has two key brands which consist of: FRESQUITO Scented All Purpose Cleaner for the retail market and the PREMIERE LINE of institutional cleaners for the wholesale market.
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Pink Pot and Pan Liquid Cleaner
Our Price: $19.13 /Case   
1428 in stock!

KESPINKSUDS by Kess Chemicals
Pine Liquid Cleaner
Our Price: $13.04 / Case of 4
546 in stock!

KESFORESTFRSH by Kess Chemicals
Degreaser Liquid 1 Gallon
Our Price: $20.51 /Case   
156 in stock!

KESPURPLEPWR by Kess Chemicals
Window Liquid Rtu Cleaner
Our Price: $12.79 /Case   
281 in stock!

Kess Chemicals Window Liquid Rtu Cleaner
KESWINDOWPLUS by Kess Chemicals
Floral Liquid Deodorizer
Our Price: $27.14 / Case of 4
102 in stock!

KESFLORALD4 by Kess Chemicals
Liquid Dish Washer
Our Price: $27.06 /Case   
33 in stock!

Kess Chemicals Liquid Dish Washer
KESSPARKLE by Kess Chemicals
All Purpose Neutral Cleaner
Our Price: $18.83 / Case of 4
106 in stock!

KESNEUCLEAN by Kess Chemicals
All Purpose Liquid Cleaner
Our Price: $14.91 / Case of 4
135 in stock!

KESAPC by Kess Chemicals
Oven Liquid Cleaner
Our Price: $26.44 / Case of 4
14 in stock!

KESOVENMAGIC by Kess Chemicals
Detergent Liquid Dishwash - 1 Gal
Our Price: $27.25 / Case of 4
27 in stock!

KESEVERGREEN4 by Kess Chemicals
KESS INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS has PET a stretch blowmold machine that can custom make PET bottles to customer specifications, that can either be printed or labeled under our brand name, private label or custom designed products for a wide variety of resellers ranging from the largest retailers to specialty distributorships.
Our company is committed to offering great products at competitive prices and to expedite orders in a speedy manner.
We are located in Miami, Florida which is the gateway to the Caribbean, Central and South America.