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Korchem is a leading maker of chemicals for the foodservice industry and commercial buildings. Kor-chem makes a full line of chemicals for any cleaning job in your hospital, school, kitchen or bathrooms. Korchem Cleaning products include every janitorial cleaner you will need to keep your commercial business clean.
Kor-Chem Inc. is a unique, custom manufacturer of a broad range of specialty chemicals from concentrates and intermediates to aqueous and solvent based fluids supplied as liquids, granulated and solid grade products.
We have a flexible manufacturing plant combined with a versatile packaging operation enabling us to fill in bags, pints, quarts, gallons, drums, totes, and bulk.
Our labeling ability ranges from a multitude of types including multicolor silk screened bottles to paper, foil and film pressure sensitive adhesive labels.
We work with our customers to design labels with specialized graphics and unique product use information.
The increasingly complex shipping regulations often require approved containers for the shipment of various classes of materials.
From caps and closures to bottles, pails and drums, our materials handling and transportation department helps our customers find solutions to their needs and meet the stringent federal codes.
Our plant, corporate offices and laboratory are strategically located 12 miles west of Atlanta, Georgia in a 200-acre industrial park.
We have a 43,000 square foot, fully sprinkler protected facility housing production, packaging and warehousing.
A wide range of product types can be made in our stainless steel reactors/mixing vessels varying in size from 55 gallons up to 2600 gallons with many of them jacketed for temperature control.
The plant is setup to handle a wide range of viscosities from low viscosity fluids to high viscosity pastes.
In addition, we are configured to safely use solvents, acids and alkalis.
Our packaging plant can handle variety of packaging types and is set to handle large volumes on a continuous basis or custom manufactured, small volume runs.